26 October 2016


I've been doing so much baking recently and since its the season for it I just had to try something pumpkin flavoured! So I made these pumpkin flavoured cupcakes and decorated them with cute mini fondant pumpkins, they're completely vegan and taste delicious!

19 October 2016


If you have read my previous few posts all relating to autumn you will know how much I love this season so I don’t need to say it again, but I do have a delicious autumn themed post to share with you today! I found some inspiration on Pinterest to make autumn themed cupcakes and they’re literally the best tasting cupcakes I’ve ever had! The actual cupcakes are cinnamon flavoured and I used some light muscovado cane sugar as well as caster sugar and it has made them taste so sweet, the sugar really brings out the flavour of the cinnamon!

12 October 2016


I have only bought cruelty free products for years now and I recently had a clear out of my makeup collection to get rid of all the non cruelty free items that were still in there. I didn’t have many as I had got rid of the majority of non cruelty free products years ago but I still had some that I was hanging onto just to use up the last of. Over the summer I just had a massive clear out of everything in my room, downsizing on everything and getting rid of so much junk that I didn’t need or use. I now have a manageable sized makeup collection and every product in there is cruelty free which I feel so good about! I have done a youtube video on my makeup collection which you can watch here. In that video I was still holding onto a few benefit products but I’ve since got rid of them too. Along with everything else I was sorting out I had a good clear out of my makeup brushes, I had so many that I hardly ever used so I’ve given them away or binned the tatty ones. I had a few brushes from MAC that I probably had since I was about 15 which are made of real animal fur, so I gave them away as well to make my makeup brush collection completely cruelty free too!


7 October 2016


As much as I love summer and exploring different tropical paradises, I have to admit that Autumn is my favourite season. My favourite colours are associated with this season, orange, olive, maroon and burgundy. Anything to do with Autumn I love, Halloween, wrapping up warm, getting cozy with hot chocolate, I just can't get enough of it! From the first of September I was starting to switch up my room decor and adding little pieces of orange and cozy touches to get me in the festive mood! I have made a autumn room tour video and it is up on my youtube channel here, so if you like the look of my room you can get more information as to where everything is from in that video. But today I wanted to share some of the new touches I have included in my room to make it more cozy and autumnal.

5 October 2016


If you haven’t heard about the brand Coconut Lane before, please let me introduce you! Coconut-Lane is a company that sell all sorts of beautiful accessories from phone cases, laptop cases and jewellery, to socks and wall art! All of their designs are gorgeous and on trend, they have so many marble designs in loads of different colours its really difficult to choose which design to purchase, hence why my wish list is so large!

30 September 2016


Another month has gone which means another monthly favourites post! This month I don't really have many favourites but I thought I'd still share the few I do have with you.


28 September 2016


I am 2 weeks into my second year of university and my first year wasn't how I expected it to be, it had its ups and downs but I made it through and even got a 2:1! In todays blog post I want to share some tips that I think will really help anyone about to go into their first year of uni this September.


23 September 2016


I get so excited at this time of the year when Lush are starting to bring out their festive products. I have probably tried all of Lush’s bath bombs that they have ever sold and it's always exciting to try the new ones that they bring out for Halloween and Christmas. This time I only bought bath bombs as I have a ridiculous amount of shower gels and soaps at home already.

21 September 2016


I'm back at uni now which is why I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked but I'm just getting settled and organised for now so please bare with me! Today I just wanted to show you what's in my bag that I take to lectures. I always find these types of blog posts and youtube videos interesting so I thought I'd share mine with you all too!

16 September 2016


I have recently got a kitchenaid mixer after wanting one for years and years, since getting it I have been baking non stop! I absolutely love using it, it's so cool! This time I made some vegan biscoff cupcakes as vegan biscoff biscuits are suitable for vegans!! I saw this recipe on Becky's blog and was inspired to veganise it! Full credit goes to her for the basic recipe I have just adjusted it slightly. I have made a YouTube video showing you how to make the cupcakes from start to finish, if you would like to watch that you can here. In this blog post I am including the full list of ingredients, measurements, recipe and some photos.

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