15 September 2017


I am going back to university next week to start my third year, I can't believe I am going into my final year already, it has gone by so quick! It just feels like yesterday when I was nervously walking to my first class in a strange city 2 hours from home, but it has been so worth it! In todays post I thought I'd show you what I take to university with me with a whats in my uni bag post. I love reading these types of posts and watching these YouTube videos, so hopefully you'll find this some what as interesting as I do!

8 September 2017


Ever since Sainsbury's released their vegan cream cheese I have wanted to try and make cheese cakes with it and today I finally have! I made oreo flavoured ones as there also vegan and just taste so blooming delish! I have made mini ones as they're quite sickly so it would be easy to overindulge on these if they were a normal sized cheese cake, these mini ones are just the perfect treat size. I love making vegan versions of 'normal' food to prove that you can still have all of your favourite foods when you're vegan and they're just as delicious!

1 September 2017


I was one of those people who got sucked in by Urban Decays first Naked palette, it has been a staple in my makeup collection for years. Then they released a second one and I bought that one too, but I never used it as much as the first one, so when they released the third naked palette I didn't buy it as I didn't think I'd use it. I didn't pay much attention to the others that they released after that as I didn't think I needed them. But when I saw the Naked Heat palette I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it! My absolute favourite colours for anything especially make up are warm, orange tones and this palette is just that! The shades in this palette are versatile and go together so well, I have created two eyeshadow looks, one day time and one more dramatic look.

25 August 2017


I like having a few different watches as I like to mix and match depending on how I'm feeling and what I'm wearing. With so many different styles its hard to choose just one so why not have a few?! I have lusted over Olivia Burton watches for years but never thought I'd be able to get one as the majority are leather straps. Until my mum noticed that there are some styles available in vegan leather! I love that some high end and designer brands are now offering a choice to customers whether they want genuine leather or vegan friendly ones. Olivia Burton watches are always very feminine with floral designs. But the new 'animals' collection features bee embellishments, cats, owls, birds and my personal favourite bunnies! My mum and I both got one of the bunny design watches each and I wanted to share them with you all as they're too cute not too!

18 August 2017


A small fraction of you reading this post may know that on occasion, I work at an animal sanctuary to look after the animals when the owners are away on holiday. This week I have been doing that again but also house sitting and looking after their dogs, as well as all of the sanctuary animals. So because I haven't been at home at all this week I didn't have photos ready for the post I had planned. So I thought instead of stressing about not having the photos, I would change the post for this week and just share with you some photos of the animals in a bit of a follow me around type post like some people do as YouTube videos. I take absolutely hundreds of photos every time I'm here as I just cant help my self, they're all so cute! I have no idea if anyone is interested in this kind of post but I like creating posts for myself that I can look back on otherwise these photos would just end up in my phone camera roll never to be seen again.

11 August 2017


In September I will be going into my third and final year of university so I thought I would go all out and buy some really nice stationary to help get me through the most difficult year. To some getting my stationery organised now might be a bit too soon but I like to be prepared and its just one less thing to worry about for when I move back to York in September. It's already August so it will no doubt be September before I know it, so its best for me to get it all sorted now and I'm glad I got some of these items early as I haven't seen them in store since!

4 August 2017


It was my 23rd birthday on Tuesday just gone and I was spoilt rotten, so I thought I'd show you all what I got for my birthday off my parents. I have got a few other presents off my friends and other family members but I took these photos straight way on my birthday morning before seeing people so I haven't included them in this post. I still haven't seen a couple of my friends yet and I didn't want to include presents off some of my friends and not include others so I thought it would be best to just show what I got of my parents for now. (I am literally just disclosing this incase my friends see this and don't see their present and think I'm ungrateful, I'm totally not I just didn't want to include some and not others!) I am so grateful for everything I received off all of my family and friends, I did give my mum a little list of ideas but the majority of the presents were lovely surprises.

1 August 2017


Today is my 23rd birthday. Some how I am 23, I still feel like I'm 17! At times I feel like I am so behind in life, the majority of the people I went to school with finished university years ago and have full time jobs and have their life together. Where as I still have one year of uni left, I often get upset by this fact and feel like I am not moving fast enough. When I was younger I thought by this time I'd be in a relationship and getting married at 25!! How crazy! I couldn't imagine getting married in two years time. But I found this quote type thing on Pinterest and it put things in perspective for me. It states that everyone is on their own time zone, so I'm not behind and I'm not too far ahead, I'm in my own time zone and I'm on time. Now lets get into the actual topic of this post, what make up I'm wearing for my birthday celebrations.

28 July 2017


My own photo

When I was on holiday in Mexico last year I came across people trying to get myself and other tourists to get photos taken with a monkey and some parrots. I immediately refused and couldn't stop thinking about those poor animals all holiday. This is something I've seen in other countries too and I have seen a lot of people on social media post these photos with animals that they've got on holiday. To a person who isn't particularly interested in animal rights or know much about animal behaviour, this kind of thing might not seem like such a big deal to you. But sadly behind closed doors the majority of the time these animals are kept in less than ideal conditions and often treat badly. I wanted to create this post to inform you about what taking an 'innocent' photo with a monkey supports and the consequences of supporting such businesses for animals. As well as providing alternative ways to interact with animals on holiday that will not harm them.

20 July 2017


While scrolling through Pinterest for hours on end like I often do, I came across something called 'unicorn bark' and it just looked so pretty I had to try and make it myself. Of course it wasn't vegan so I 'veganised' it and incorporated it into these rainbow cupcakes I've made. The actual cake itself is just vanilla with rainbow hundreds and thousands throughout, with rainbow icing and real fresh edible flowers from Sainsbury's.

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