22 August 2016


Since transitioning into a fully vegan diet in May I have become more aware of natural products and I'm more concerned with what I put into and on my body. I for some reason have always swayed away from natural beauty products because I always had the idea in my head that they didn't work. I don't know where this thought came from but now I know thats ridiculous! Natural products are so much better for your health and the environment then man made chemical products. I can only really think of two brands that use mostly natural ingredients in their products, Lush and The Body Shop so its always a nice to find other brands who use not only natural but organic ingredients in their products. Nourish Beauty Box* is a monthly subscription box which delivers you three full size beauty products and a limited edition tote bag every month, which are all cruelty free and use only natural, paraben free ingredients. Included in July's box was a Seraphine Botanicals kabuki brush, Prim Botanical perfume oil and Balanced Guru facial serum.

9 August 2016


If you saw my blog post a few weeks ago about my Hollywood eyelash extensions that I got done for my holiday you will know that I was disappointed with them as my usual beautician didn't do them. I had a different person do them and she didn't do them as dramatic as I would have liked. Anyway I got over that and came across LVL lash lift by Nouveau Lashes and gave it a try for my birthday.

3 August 2016


Before I went on holiday in June I felt like I was on a roll with blog posts and YouTube videos, I was so inspired and had a huge list of content I wanted to create. I went on holiday, had the most relaxing time and ever since I've came back I've been stuck in a rut. I feel like these past few weeks have flown over and I feel like I've just been going with the flow and drifting through life! I don't really know how to describe it but ultimately I lost my motivation. I still have my list of blog post ideas and stuff but whenever I look at it I never fancy starting to create any of the ideas.

I said to myself I'd never do these types of 'life updates' posts anymore because really no one actually cares! But I feel like I can't just post a normal post without saying something about where I've been! So today I'm just going to share some photos from over the past few weeks as a bit of a filler before I get started again tomorrow, I hope you don't mind!


17 July 2016


Last week I got back from a two week holiday to Mexico and I thought before I unpack my make up, I would share with you what I brought with me in my travel make up bag. I tried to keep the amount of makeup that I brought to a minimum, I think I did quite well but to some people this amount of products may be huge, but for me its reasonable. Yes I didn’t need to bring my full Morphe 350 Nature Glow palette but it’s new and I hadn’t had the chance to use it properly and I think the colours in it are perfect for a summer holiday! You can read my review on this palette hereI only used these products on a night time when I was going out for a meal and got a little bit more dressed up, I never wear makeup during the day when I'm on holiday as it would just sweat off and thats not comfertable! Truthfully most nights I didn’t bothered to put any make up on as it was still so hot!


12 July 2016


Some of you may know already but I've just got back from a holiday to Mexico with my mum. When we first arrived at our hotel, we were offered the chance to spend two nights at one of their sister hotels for free. We were not sure if we should do it or not as we didn't quite understand why they would offer us this, but we took the chance and chose to go to the El Dorado Maroma adults only hotel. I am so pleased that we took the risk and went because the hotel was absolutely stunning. When we first arrived our cases were taken off us and stored until our room was ready. While we were checking in we were offered champagne or water and given a cold flannel to cool off with. Half way through checking in a lady from the spa came with a warm shoulder compress and put it on our shoulders which felt amazing! We were then given a tour of the stunning resort and had lunch on the beach while we waited for our room.


21 June 2016


I am going on holiday in tomorrow and whenever I go on away I always make sure that my phone is stocked up with some really good tunes! So for todays post I will be sharing some of the songs I have downloaded and that are my current favourites, that I will be listening to religiously in the next two weeks. I love tropical house music and anything that is really summery, I first discovered this genre of music about three years ago and this has been my preferred music choice ever since. Soundcloud is my go to for this type of music, these are just a minute selection of my favourites - you can follow me on my soundcloud account here although a lot of the music I listen to is on my 'likes' here.  This doesn't include the songs I'll be listening to on my Spotify which are a bit more 'main stream' like Ariana's new album etc.



18 June 2016


When I was preparing for this blog post, for a moment I got stressed thinking that the eyelashes my beautician uses were made of real mink fur! But after some research I found that the brand of lashes my salon uses (Hollywood Lashes) only use synthetic fibres which are meant to mimic the look of mink fur. If I had found out that they used real fur I would have cancelled my appointment as the method of collecting the fur is obviously not just by 'brushing the animals coat' as a lot of beauticians on the internet like to claim it is. Honestly how naive can you be to think in countries who have minimal to no animal welfare laws, on huge fur farms sit and brush aggressive mink's coats daily to collect their fur?!? I highly doubt it pal!!

So because I found out that they were synthetic I was as happy as can be and kept my appointment. I get them done at a local salon and first had them done for my summer holiday last year. I was so impressed with how they looked I wanted them again for this summer holiday. Having eyelash extensions cuts down makeup application majorly. Applying mascara is the bane of my life and with eyelash extensions you don't even need to bother! Its like permanently having false eyelashes on but you can't feel them at all! The application process takes about 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours and it is so relaxing, you just lie there with your eyes closed and you can bearly feel the beautician doing anything to you! The lashes are individual and your beautician separates your natural lashes with a tool and places the extension in the middle of two, right on the lash line. The actual eyelashes are so light, when they have all been applied you can't feel a difference at all, it just feels like your natural eyelashes, they're not heavy and do not feel uncomfortable like regular false eyelashes.


16 June 2016


There are so many DIY projects that I have spotted on Pinterest and have been wanting to try for ages, I finally have some time off from uni so I will be working through these ideas in the next few weeks and I just thought I'd share some of the ones that I'm really excited to try with you all!

If you click on the description of what the DIY is before my little comment about it, it will take you directly to the original website where you can check out how to make each DIY yourself!


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