18 August 2011

pink overload

la riche, directions - coronation pink

I finally 'bit the bullet' as it were and dip dyed my hair, I decided to just do pink for the first time incase it went wrong, and it is actually harder than it looks when you do it alone. I used this video for guidance but didn't bleach my hair as it is already blonde. I didn't plat my hair either, because it would shorten it and deceive me to how far I was putting the dye up my hair. I separated my hair into two equal sides. I didn't part my hair in the middle like said on that video, as I wear it on the side and it would create an uneven line if I did. I started at the bottom and gradually worked my way up my hair and lightly feathered the colour up so it wouldn't create a harsh line, wrapped my hair tinfoil and left the dye on for about 20 minutes. I absolutely love how it turned out and I'm actually quite surprised I managed to do it as I have never dyed my hair myself before.


    I want to do this with my hair on Christmas I hope it looks good on my brunette hair too x

  2. I really want to dip dye my hair pink too! but I want it like a light pink, and my hair's dark, but I don't really want to bleach my hair first LOL

  3. Looks good :)

    Lucy xx

  4. awwwww wow! i love this. i really want to do it to my hair but i just dont have the guts. good on you love!!
    sinead xxx

  5. It looks great! I dip dyed my hair a couple of months back - well, just bleached the ends! I've kinda got the gingery/natural look but really wanna be more daring and try pink! You're making me wanna do it even more! Hehe :D x


  6. looks great! http://openboxjewels.blogspot.com/ XX



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