5 October 2011

september favorites

Demi Lovato - Unbroken Album - I love Demi Lovato so much, she is such an inspiration and she is super talented. She has over come lots of difficult things this past year and I'm so proud of her, she is so beautiful inside and out. The first time I heard it, it made me cry. My favourite songs are, hold up (especially 0.33 - 0.36), unbroken, for the love of a daughter, fix a heart, give your heart a break (2.18 - 2. you can really hear how talented she is here) & skyscraper remix.

Conrad Roset - I found this artist on tumblr, I was looking for water colour paintings for my art homework and came across him. I love his work, its so original and looks great. I have been doing some drawings similar to his of my bunnies for my art but they are no were near as good.

Benefit Hula Bronzer - This is defiantly my favourite benefit product I have ever tried. When I was on holiday I used it to even out my skin tone when I burnt my face, it reduced the redness and made my skin not as shiny. I have been using it pretty much everyday to enhance my tan since I got home from holiday, it isn't full coverage at all because its only a bronzer but I don't need full coverage, so its great for me.

No7 Mascara - New favourite mascara, it is so so so so good. It gives loads of length which I need because my lashes are ridiculously short, you can build it up to about 6 coats before it starts getting clumpy. Love it.

Hempz Deep Hydration Moisture Treatment - Since my holiday my hair has been so damaged off the sun and my hair has been falling out like I don't know what, I wanted to get a hair masque to keep my hair healthy and my mum found this for me, it was originally £15.95 but I got it on sale at a salon for £2! It smells like moisturiser, it makes your hair really soft and shiny, my hair feels much healthier.

Jack Wills Socks - Weird favourite, but it has been really windy and cold where I live, so when I have been getting home from school I put these on and they keep my feet and legs really warm, these were originally £19 which I think is too much for socks! But i got them off the Jack Wills outlet online store for about £14. You have to be a good customer and buy lots of things on their main site before you can be invited to the outlet store though.

Neutrogena Face Wash - I usually use the clinique face wash but I was running out and didn't have enough money for another one, so I was watching one of meganheartsmakeup's videos and she suggested these, I thought you couldn't get them in the uk but I saw them in superdrug and they were cheap so I thought I would try them. I have only used them a couple of times because I'm not very consistent at washing my face every day (I usually use no7 wipes) my brother has used them more than me, it really annoys me though, he steals my stuff all the time! And he was using them together and you're only supposed to use one or the other, ugh anyways, I really like them, they are fragranced though which I'm a little concerned about because I have sensitive skin, they take a while to wash off fully and my hot tap gets hot sooooo quick which is another annoyance. But they do leave your face nice and refreshed, they also get rid of spots really quick, as my brother has found out.

Not Going Out - I'm obsessed with this show, its so funny! I literally 'lol' every time. My brother got me addicted I watched all 4 seasons in less than a week. I actually find lee mack rather attractive now...


  1. lovely post!! and yes! definitely loving demi lovato at the moment!



  2. I use the neutrogena face wash too (and I was using clinique before as well) I love them, I feel like there is no need for an expensive face wash, they are great! And the Hoola bronzer is great too, I use it every day!


  3. I really like these type of posts! I use a neutrogena daily scrub and it works great, I think I might try the face wash too!

  4. great essentials post! thanks for sharing!



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