18 November 2011

children in need 2011

Duh, I painted my nails again! I can't wait to get this colour off though, the yellow makes me feel a bit sick! It is Barry M's nail paint in yellow, not sure why anyone would buy this colour to wear seriously its a bit overwhelming. I'm not really going to watch the children and need show tonight, it just goes on for soooo long, I really feel like watching ugly betty, I really want to be ugly betty, like so bad! I want her job. Oooo guess what, I got my hair dyed again! I didn't like the brown at all and decided that brown hair isn't for me. Yesterday my mum payed for me to get highlights as an early Christmas present, so I'm almost back to blonde now! I think I will need one more highlight 'session' to go back to the colour I originally was. No one has even noticed I've had it done but it is defiantly a different colour. 


  1. Lovely nail design. My mum has that think with yellow nails too. oh and can't wait to see your new hair(:

  2. The nails are so cool, wish i was good at nail art!


  3. aaaah love your nails! and good old pudsey :) I take any occasion I can to paint my nails in a theme.

    Beaut little blog you've got




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