6 January 2012

december favorites

Moroccanoil - I got some moroccanoil for christmas and I can't even explain it, its amazing! It makes your hair so healthy and soft, its seriously a miracle worker.

One Direction CD - I never watch the x-factor but I love these boys they're so cute. My favourite song has to be 'stole my heart'.

Rio Nail Art Pens - I bought some of these a couple of years ago and never really used them properly until I started practicing nail art, so I bought some more colours with my christmas money last week and they must have reformulated them because they are so much creamier than my other ones, think I might have to repurchase the colours I've already got because these new ones are so much better.

Foundation - I rarely wear foundation but my skin has been looking awful recently so I just slapped some of this on one morning and actually quite liked it, I've been wearing this pretty much every day this month.

Benefit Erase Paste - I have been having really late nights over christmas and this has saved me looking like I've been punched in the face.

Liquid Eyeliner - I can't not wear this on my upper eyelid now, I look creepy with out it.

Girl Interrupted - Randomly found this movie online, its so good. Angelina Jolie is amazing (need to find another descriptive word) in it. Its a very quotable movie too which is always good (why? idk).

Black H&M Cardigan - This goes with everything, every girl needs one.

By the way its my Peachy's 1st birthday today! Wish her happy birthday. I only worked out when their actual birthdate was on Monday so I missed Poppy's birthday (23rd Dec) whoops, she got lots of love from me though even though she doesn't like me stroking her, so don't worry she hasn't missed out.


  1. Happy birthday to Peachy! :p I bought that foundation a few days ago but I've had to stop using it as it made my skin break out! Sad times x

  2. Girl, Interrupted is a brilliant film, my absolute favourite! xx

  3. "Its a very quotable movie too which is always good (why? idk)" hahaha Sophie, I love you. Happy birthday Peaches! xxxx

  4. Awww Peachy is ao adorable! Great movie you have there ;)

  5. I'm in LOVE with your blog, especially your bunny! It's precious!!! :) following you now :)


  6. Happy belated birthday to Peachy. She's so adorable. :) x

  7. Happy Birthday to Peachy :D



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