26 February 2012

babyliss curling wand

I have never really liked wearing my hair curly as I was told it made my face look fatter (ridiculous) but I kept seeing photos of Lauren Conrad and Miley Cyrus with gorgeous curls and it made me so jelous of their hair. I already have a curling iron from Herstyler but the barrel is too small and when ever I use it I end up getting curls like Taylor Swift and my hair looking like it was two inches long, which I don't want. I wanted loose wavy/curls and may people have raved about the Babyliss curling wand so giving in to temptation I bought it.

It has a 13 - 25 inch barrel with out a clamp, and has 5 different heat settings and can heat up to 210̊c. It takes about 40 seconds to heat up to the temperature you want. I put it on the heat setting 180̊c for my hair, as I'm trying my best not to damage it anymore. It comes with a heat protectant glove but I didn't use it as it was only on a low setting. Its so easy to use you just wrap your hair around the barrel wait for a bit, then let go. I didn't section my hair off, I just picked up random strands, wrapped it around about 3 inches from my roots to keep the length and waited 10 seconds then it left a lovely curl. It doesn't dry your hair out at all like my Herstyler one does, it leaves it really shiny and soft. The curls stay in for about half a day with out hairspray before falling, though when the curls fall it looks really nice. Even on a low heat the curls stay in for quite a while. I would really recommend this curling iron for people who want loose curls and it seems like it would work on short hair.

25 February 2012

rio nail art pens

rio nail art pens

The only nail art pens I have tried are made by the brand Rio, I don't think I'm ever going to use another brand. These nail art pens are perfect for creating the most detailed nail art you could think of, you just need a steady hand! You can get a pack of 8 from Argos for £25 which I think is a reasonable price considering how great they work. They so far have 4 different packs you can choose from, the original which contains basic primary colours, metallics, neon and pastel. I have all except the pastel set (which I'm really tempted to buy). In each kit you get a DVD tutorial, a couple of instruction booklets, nail inspiration, glitter, paint brush and rhinestones. I have watched the DVD, it didn't include anything I didn't already know but its good for beginners. I'm yet to try the glitter and rhinestones, the rhinestones are really small which is hard to find in stores, though it doesn't look like you get many of them.

The actual nail varnish is creamy and very pigmented, they are true to the colour on the bottle. They come with a tiny pin on the bottom of every pen which fits into the top of the pen to unclog it if it ever gets clogged with excess product. The striper lets you create incredibly perfect lines and the tip is for everything else. These defiantly saved my life when it comes to pretty nails.

14 February 2012

valentines nails

Happy Valentines day everyone!

9 February 2012

studded phone case

I saw this photo of Demi Lovato and fell in love with her phone case, looked everywhere for them, no where sold them, so I thought I would make one for myself. I got the studs from a shop in town as I didn't want to buy off ebay. I had never heard of the shop before and I had to use the sat nav on my phone to find it. I bought 100 medium pyramid studs for £9.71, not sure why I got 100 but, you know. I bought the rubber phone case just from a stall in town for £5, kind of pricy for what it is but I couldn't wait so I just bought it. The phone case you use of corse needs to be rubber as you have to poke the spikes through it. I first of all roughly placed the studs where I wanted them to see how many I would need, you can draw on with pen where you need to put them if thats easier for you. I was at first going to use a needle to poke the holes through but I managed to use the studs to make the holes. I folded over the spike things with some pliers. I think it looks amazing! It is fine to hold just a bit heavier and I will have to get used to holding a bigger phone but its all good. What do you think?

8 February 2012

want want want #2

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I'm just sitting here wishing it was spring while I'm shivering under a blanket, I'm thinking I should probably some time soon clear out my wardrobe ready for the warmer months. The one type of clothing I'm lacking is denim shorts, which is bizarre considering I'm obsessed with them. Since october all I have lived in is my two pairs of pants from river island, and the occasional jeans or leggings, but for the most part I have wore pants for 3 months straight. I am starting to get sick of just wearing pants the whole time, so I want to start wearing more denim shorts (my fav type of shorts) when it gets to spring. Above are some that I really love and think I might just have to buy. I also want to just go to primark and buy loads of different levels of denier black tights because theres no way I'll be wearing these with out tights especially in Britain. Do you have anything you can't wait to wear in the spring?

7 February 2012

moroccan oil travel kit

moroccan oil travel kit

For years people have raved about moroccan oil, the hair oil made from moroccan argan oil. I have always wanted to try it and for christmas I was lucky to get the travel kit. It contains a 25ml sized bottle of the original hair oil treatment, a 10ml sample of the oil, a 70ml shampoo and conditioner and a 75ml of hair spray. This is a perfect kit it you're thinking about trying any of the moroccan oil products, as it is an expensive brand with this you can test out a handful of products with out spending a lot of money. 

I have tried the shampoo and conditioner and to be honest they weren't that different to regular s & c, I didn't notice any major change in my hair because of using them, my hair was still very tatty when I tried to comb it after I had washed it. The only thing I noticed and really liked was the smell they left on my hair and how soft it made my hair. I haven't yet tried the hair spray because I never use hairspray but I have smelt it and it smells the same as the rest of the products.

The oil treatment is probably the most known product of the brand. You apply it to damp hair, work it through the ends before you blow dry, you can also apply it to dry hair to get rid of frizz or add extra shine. I apply a pea size amount to the ends of my hair, from the bottom of my ears to the tips. If you apply it above this area, as it is an oil it will make your hair appear greasy, so avoid the roots. A little bit of this goes a very long way, I only apply a tiny amount and I can notice a difference in my hair. I got this set at christmas and started using it straight away, I am still on the sample size of the oil, I have about 1/4 left of it, I haven't even opened the bigger on yet. The oil is amazing, seriously like a miracle worker, it makes your hair sooo super soft, I actually thought my hair felt like a childs hair, it was that soft, I couldn't stop touching it. I always get split ends constantly, as I blow dry and straighten my hair most days and I get highlights in it, but since using this oil I can barely see any split ends, it really does a great job of repairing and protecting your hair. I could notice a difference from the first time I used it. The oil also helps to reduce drying time, and it actually does! It used to take me about 20 minutes to fully blow dry my hair, now with this it only takes 7 (I timed it). Not to mention like it smells incredible, a natural sweet smell that stays on your hair until the next wash. I seriously recommend the oil, even if your hair isn't damaged it will keep it protected and make it look amazing.

5 February 2012

want want want

I seen this Michael Kors bag about two weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it, if I did get it, it would be the most I've ever spent on a bag, but its so lush I'm going to have to try and save up for it.

I have wanted a clarisonic for years but I've always been put of by the price and my mum said she had something similar to this when she was my age and it didn't work, but from what I have seen everyone loves them! I'm not very good with washing my face I usually just use no7 face wipes but I think if I got one of these it might encourage me to wash my face properly more often.

I really need these for spring they are a gorgeous colour and pastel so I can't not! I'm quite small and these have a platform type thing on the sole so it will make me a couple of mm taller... every little helps.

I really need wellies, not only because its started to snow, but they are good just for when I clean out my rabbits. My rabbits live in a shed at the bottom of the garden, I usually just wear my UGG boots when I go to see them but I have to cross over the grass and its always really muddy and my UGG's are getting ruined, so I need these lush gold glitter Hunters.

This jumper is so ugly that I love it, my mum hates it and everyone else I have showed it to don't seem to like it, what do you think?

I got The Fresh Prince of Bel Air season 4 for christmas but I haven't been able to watch it because I don't have season 1, 2 or 3 so I need this asap.

4 February 2012

january favourites

Daisy by Marc Jacobs - This is my all time favourite perfume, its more of a spring/summer perfume but I've been wearing it to remind my self that spring will come, and i won't have to suffer the cold for much longer.

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous - I got this sample in a Benefit set for christmas, tried it and loved it, I even went out and bought the full size one its that good. It is a cream foundation faker which dries to a powder finish and it gives my skin a nice tan.

James Brown Photo Fabulous shampoo and conditioner - This is the best shampoo and conditioner I've ever tried, I don't usually rebuy the same brand, I usually just switch around products, but this I've rebought twice. Its so moisturising, it makes my hair so soft and shiny. It has little shimmer bits in it which adds to the shine it gives, it also smells amazing, when ever I use it I can't stop smelling my hair.

Foster The People Torches album - I saw this in HMV for only £5 and I knew I liked one song so I just bought it and I love it.

Guess Watch - Don't think I'm ever going to be able to live with out this from now on, watches are so convenient.

Layering Mascara - I have been loving layering my mascara this month, I love the spider leg look.

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