26 February 2012

babyliss curling wand

I have never really liked wearing my hair curly as I was told it made my face look fatter (ridiculous) but I kept seeing photos of Lauren Conrad and Miley Cyrus with gorgeous curls and it made me so jelous of their hair. I already have a curling iron from Herstyler but the barrel is too small and when ever I use it I end up getting curls like Taylor Swift and my hair looking like it was two inches long, which I don't want. I wanted loose wavy/curls and may people have raved about the Babyliss curling wand so giving in to temptation I bought it.

It has a 13 - 25 inch barrel with out a clamp, and has 5 different heat settings and can heat up to 210̊c. It takes about 40 seconds to heat up to the temperature you want. I put it on the heat setting 180̊c for my hair, as I'm trying my best not to damage it anymore. It comes with a heat protectant glove but I didn't use it as it was only on a low setting. Its so easy to use you just wrap your hair around the barrel wait for a bit, then let go. I didn't section my hair off, I just picked up random strands, wrapped it around about 3 inches from my roots to keep the length and waited 10 seconds then it left a lovely curl. It doesn't dry your hair out at all like my Herstyler one does, it leaves it really shiny and soft. The curls stay in for about half a day with out hairspray before falling, though when the curls fall it looks really nice. Even on a low heat the curls stay in for quite a while. I would really recommend this curling iron for people who want loose curls and it seems like it would work on short hair.


  1. Your hair looks so nice!! The hair curler that I have at the moment just makes the curls look so tight and I really hate it, but this looks so good! Defaintly going to be buying one of these!:)xx

  2. Thanks for the review. I was planning on buying a 2 inch clip curling iron but this looks more useful to me!

    <3 http://fashionxfairytale.blogspot.com/

  3. your hair looks gorgeous like this! i was actually looking at this curling iron yesterday when I was shopping. :L x

  4. how much was it??


  5. i've heard soooo much about this! i'm going to get this for sure! but, yeah, how much was it? hope it's not over £30 otherwise i can't afford to splurge on it. XxX

    1. Oooh, yay! def going to get it now :D Xxx

  6. Yep this is a great curling wand (in fact one of the best on the market) and for the price you really can't go wrong. Great review thanks for sharing Sophie :)

  7. Thanks for the recommendation! Your hair looks amazing curled!
    And it's such a good price, I can't quite believe it! I think GHDs are good but very exspensive/overpriced and since my hair is dead straight I might as well buy a curling wand..

    ~Hannah xx

  8. BaByliss curling Wand is really good and also I think it is the best to make a a quick hair curl.

  9. looks lovely :)

    im now following you xx


  10. Thanks for sharing your tutorial, Sophie! I love your naturally looking curls and denim jacket, you remind me those country girls from East Coast US (perhaps, you are :)



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