7 February 2012

moroccan oil travel kit

moroccan oil travel kit

For years people have raved about moroccan oil, the hair oil made from moroccan argan oil. I have always wanted to try it and for christmas I was lucky to get the travel kit. It contains a 25ml sized bottle of the original hair oil treatment, a 10ml sample of the oil, a 70ml shampoo and conditioner and a 75ml of hair spray. This is a perfect kit it you're thinking about trying any of the moroccan oil products, as it is an expensive brand with this you can test out a handful of products with out spending a lot of money. 

I have tried the shampoo and conditioner and to be honest they weren't that different to regular s & c, I didn't notice any major change in my hair because of using them, my hair was still very tatty when I tried to comb it after I had washed it. The only thing I noticed and really liked was the smell they left on my hair and how soft it made my hair. I haven't yet tried the hair spray because I never use hairspray but I have smelt it and it smells the same as the rest of the products.

The oil treatment is probably the most known product of the brand. You apply it to damp hair, work it through the ends before you blow dry, you can also apply it to dry hair to get rid of frizz or add extra shine. I apply a pea size amount to the ends of my hair, from the bottom of my ears to the tips. If you apply it above this area, as it is an oil it will make your hair appear greasy, so avoid the roots. A little bit of this goes a very long way, I only apply a tiny amount and I can notice a difference in my hair. I got this set at christmas and started using it straight away, I am still on the sample size of the oil, I have about 1/4 left of it, I haven't even opened the bigger on yet. The oil is amazing, seriously like a miracle worker, it makes your hair sooo super soft, I actually thought my hair felt like a childs hair, it was that soft, I couldn't stop touching it. I always get split ends constantly, as I blow dry and straighten my hair most days and I get highlights in it, but since using this oil I can barely see any split ends, it really does a great job of repairing and protecting your hair. I could notice a difference from the first time I used it. The oil also helps to reduce drying time, and it actually does! It used to take me about 20 minutes to fully blow dry my hair, now with this it only takes 7 (I timed it). Not to mention like it smells incredible, a natural sweet smell that stays on your hair until the next wash. I seriously recommend the oil, even if your hair isn't damaged it will keep it protected and make it look amazing.


  1. The kit looks great - really want to try the oil xx

  2. hmmm..... must try the oil, cos it sounds fab! XxX



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