8 February 2012

want want want #2

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I'm just sitting here wishing it was spring while I'm shivering under a blanket, I'm thinking I should probably some time soon clear out my wardrobe ready for the warmer months. The one type of clothing I'm lacking is denim shorts, which is bizarre considering I'm obsessed with them. Since october all I have lived in is my two pairs of pants from river island, and the occasional jeans or leggings, but for the most part I have wore pants for 3 months straight. I am starting to get sick of just wearing pants the whole time, so I want to start wearing more denim shorts (my fav type of shorts) when it gets to spring. Above are some that I really love and think I might just have to buy. I also want to just go to primark and buy loads of different levels of denier black tights because theres no way I'll be wearing these with out tights especially in Britain. Do you have anything you can't wait to wear in the spring?


  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog. Love the dip dye pink shorts! Would love you to stop by my blog (you could win £150 to spend) & if you love please follow & I'll happily follow you back xoxo

  2. The third ones and the last ones are so cool!!! There's nothing I'm looking forward to in spring other than bright colours really.x

  3. hmm your past few posts have been off line on my browser, im not sure why! your pictures are on the far right of my screen and your words are broken, any ideas on how I can fix it? I love reading your posts! <3


  4. Think I should put myself on a denim shorts ban, 10 pairs of levis in every colour and a few topshop pairs then other types of shorts besides denim, I have a problem.. Why wait until spring I've lived in shorts and 100 dernier tights all winter, even in the snow.x

  5. i'm wearing mine now, with thick black tights! XxX



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