22 March 2012

jolen cream bleach

This stuff is the best bleach I have ever tried. It bleaches and excess hair you might have anywhere. I use it for the hairs on my arms, kind of strange but I don't like the look of hairy arms and shaving them would just be creepy. Its also good for if you have dark hair above your top lip (shh) and a better alternative than getting it waxed. It comes with a powder accelerator and cream bleach that you just mix together and put on where ever you need. The 'tray' thing it comes with is a bit pointless because usually the powder just falls off the side. I really think it makes the hairs obviously lighter, thinner and it makes them less noticeable even when it wears off in about 3 weeks. I'm sure you can use this any where on your body, it really makes a difference if you are uncomfortable with any noticeable excess hair. 


  1. Great review, I have considered using this on my arm hair before too. Might have to try it out



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