11 March 2012

this month so far

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new hurr / little bit too obsessed / reached 250 / broke my heart at stay strong documentary / jessica vandalising my room / back on lookbook / what diet / finally purchased all seasons of hannah montana / never ending art coursework / looking at veins in biology / cool phil / no money left / 2 sxc boi's on ma calendar / fun thursday afternoons / awesome stepping stones leading to my bunnies' hutch / cutie pies / retail therapy / lush weather

I have seen a lot of bloggers do this type of post on a weekly basis but as I do not have a very exciting life I thought I would just post one once in a while. Not even sure these photos are in the slightest way interesting but we'll just test it out.


  1. Hahaha "jessica vandalising my room", saturday afternoons at their finest. Congrats on 250 followers wooo!xxx

  2. The bunny stepping stones are so cute!! The last picture is gorgeous xxx

  3. awh, i actually love seeing what other people get up to in their week (not to sound stalkerish or anything). I love that you have all the Hannah Montana episodes, i wish i could own the complete series of Saved By The Bell ahaha :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  4. coke zero is beyond addictive, and now i've got cravings...

  5. Your rabbit is so cute!! DEMI <3



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