27 April 2012

pink leopard

leopard nail art - jessica - soaking up the sun & rio nail art pens

Hello everyone, long time no speak! I have been super busy these past few weeks, just finished all my art course work this week and my art exams, so thats all handed in and finished, finally! I hope to get back to blogging regularly soon but I do have exams in the next two months so I'm not promising anything but if you want to keep updated with my fabulous life you can follow me on twitter and now instagram (@thesecretavenue) where no amount of revision will keep me from. Hope you're all ok and haven't missed me too much! ;)

15 April 2012

spring break

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welcome home treats for my brother / i'm a nice sister / gutted / funny things i find in my room / heaven / hi / cinema time / titanic / easter treats / diet starts again / easter bunny / phil is my inspiration / retro / my life / starbucks / kisses from my girl / outfit / poppy didn't want to cuddle / feeling springy / restocked / outfit of the evening / face / do i smell strawberries?!?! / outfit

This is pretty much all I have done in the easter half term! The first week I was incredibly lazy when it came to school work, I didn't even pick up a pen! I ate far too much junk food and chocolate. Tried to explain to my bunnies what I wanted to do with my life but they just wanted strawberries. Felt like I could dress however I wanted with out class 'mates' to judge me. Although my holidays aren't completely over I will be spending today and tomorrow doing school work, such fun. How did you spend your easter break?


13 April 2012

philip kingsley soft & shiny jet set

philip kingsley - soft and shiny travel set - £19.99 (fenwicks)

I am always looking for things to stop my hair from getting damaged as I am refusing to get my hair cut until it is as long as a mermaids, and until then it will probably get quite fried. This set is a moisture balancing travel set with, shampoo, conditioner and elasticizer (mask). This set is specific to my hair type. If you go onto the Philip Kingsley website it asks you 3 questions about your hair and finds the type of product you should be using on your hair type. My hair is medium textured, long and goes through regular processing so I need the moisturising products.

The shampoo smells really fresh and clean but it only stays on your hair for a little while. It doesn't contain any sulphate (I think thats what its called?) so it doesn't lather when you rub it in, but thats only because it doesn't contain any of it and thats bad for your hair anyway. The shampoo gets your hair really deep cleaned its quite a cleansing shampoo, it also feels like it cleans your scalp well unlike many other shampoos I have tried.

The conditioner smells less strong than the shampoo, its quite a natural smell. I concentrate the conditioner on the mid length and ends of my hair, I always avoid the roots. The first time I used it I accidentally put a little bit of conditioner on my roots and it made my hair look really flat. Although this claims to control the amount of  moisture given to the roots it still made my hair greasy when I put it near my roots. The conditioner leaves your hair really soft and shiny, it detangles really well, my hair tangles easily but with this it makes it so much easier to comb through. 

The elasticizer is probably one of Philip Kingsleys most known products as it was first created for Audrey Hepburn. Before shampooing you wet your hair and apply this in sections mainly the ends, and leave it on for 10-20 minutes, although I usually leave it for about half an hour. It restores your hair, provides shine and most of all gives it elasticity to stop your hair from breaking. I would say this is the best hair mask I have tried, you can feel a difference in your hair even when you're washing it out in the shower.

10 April 2012

models own - blooboo & rio nail art pens


8 April 2012

easter bunny

Happy Easter!


7 April 2012

skin care routine

I have finally come to my senses and realised that I have to start looking after my skin properly and I've got soooo many skin products just sitting in a draw. I have never really had a skin care routine that I stuck to, mainly because I never had time to do it all on a morning but I have found a way to do it in about 5 minutes.

On a morning I will wipe off any excess make up from the day before, then depending on how my skin looks/feels I will use Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash, cream wash or daily scrub. I obviously don't use these all at once, if my skin looks reasonable I will use the facial wash, if it looks dry I will use the cream wash and if it looks particularly spotty I will the scrub. Then I will use Clinique clarifying lotion, though if I have used the Neutrogena scrub I will skip this lotion because they are both exfoliants. If I have any obvious spots I will put on a bit of Lush greece lighting and then use Clinique moisture surge moisturiser (omg best thing ever).

On a night time I will remove all my make up with either a No7 wipe or Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser, then if my eye make up doesn't fully come off I will use Cliniques take the day off. Then I will use Liz Earle's toner and again if I have any obvious spots I will put grease lightning on. Then moisturise with Cliniques dramatically different lotion and put some of Cliniques all about the eyes lotion round my eyes.

For my lips I will use something light on a morning like vaseline or nivea and lush lip scrub or carmex on a night time because they're thicker and work better. Then for a face mask I use Liz Earle's deep cleansing mask, once a week.

5 April 2012

march favourites

Lee Stafford Heat Protectant - I have been loving curling my hair this month so I've been using this heat protection to stop my hair frying because its quite damaged. It smells really nice and fresh and gives my hair shine, even though its a heat protectant for straight hair it works good when curling too.

Yankee Candle's - Ever since christmas I have been burning candles like crazy, I'm a bit obsessed. This sent, drift away, is the perfect spring smell.

Daisy By Marc Jacobs - I think I mentioned this perfume in last months favourites but its seriously my favourite of all time, I wear it everyday.

Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser - I have finally came to my senses and realised that I need to look after my skin. I got this in a little tester kit of Liz Earl products and I love the cleanser, it makes my skin feel really refreshed and removes all my make up with out a problem.

DKNY gold apple perfume - Like summer in a bottle. You can see me in the reflection, hi.

Moroccanoil Hair Spray - As I said I have been curling my hair a lot this month and to keep the curls from falling I have been using this. I don't like the feel of hairspray in my hair because it usually makes my hair feel really hard and crispy, but this doesn't it leaves my hair really soft and keeps the curls in all day plus, it smells delicious.

Layering necklaces - I have been loving jewellery lately and layering necklaces is my favourite, I usually layer my Juicy Couture necklaces they look lush together.

Laguna Beach Moisturiser - This smells so good and actually moisturises really well considering its only a Hollister one. It dries really fast and doesn't leave a sticky feeling to your skin which is rare with moisturisers.

3 April 2012

batiste dry shampoo's

batiste - xxl volume, light & blonde, gold shimmer, cherry - £2.99 - £3.99

If you haven't ever seen/heard about this product before, you must walk around with your eyes closed. This dry shampoo is the best in the world, not even kidding. When ever I use it, it makes my hair feel like I have just washed it. You could probably use this on a week old hair and it would bring it back to life, its that good.

The XXL volume version is really good for creating volume. It acts a bit like a hairspray and gets your hair 'pumped' up. If you tip your hair upside down and spray it at the roots it really helps with the volume. Personally I don't like the feel of hairspray in my hair so I'm not really a fan of this version, I think this would be a great alternative for people who often back comb their hair and hairspray it. It won't ruin your hair like back combing and probably would save you a lot of time and effort.

The light & blonde version is my favourite of all the ones I have tried. When ever I put it in my hair it seems so much softer than the rest. This one has a slight blonde colouring to it so it helps with annoying roots but I don't think it makes any more of a difference to the colour of your hair than the others, maybe a slightly less white look but thats all.

I was so excited when I found the gold shimmer version in boots, I love gold and glitter so this is pretty much heaven in a can for me. The shimmer is not overly obvious once its in your hair but it does give a gorgeous look to your hair, I sometimes just spray it all over to create a pretty effect. It works just as well as the rest even though it seems a bit more moist than the others.

I couldn't not buy the cherry version when I seen it. Cherry is my favourite fruit smell everrr. This smells like a real cherry, not an artificial overly sweet cherry smell which is lush. It makes your hair smell like cherries when you have it in, and the smell lingers for quite a while which is really good. 


1 April 2012

chalk dip dye

I have recently been thinking about dip dying my hair again but I wasn't sure on what colours to do it, so when I saw this post on the Beauty Departments blog I thought it would be a good non permenant way to test which colours would look best on my hair. As you can see I put in blue, pink and purple. I'm not a fan of the blue because I think its to bright and makes my face look really washed out although I do like the pink and purple together. Chalking your hair makes it feel really really dry so I'm going to have to use a hair mask when I wash this out. It should only last until you wash it out with clarifying shampoo but as my hairs so light it might have stained it slightly. I still love the dip dye effect and I'm so tempted to dye it properly again but I am having second thoughts, what do you think, should I do it?

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