3 April 2012

batiste dry shampoo's

batiste - xxl volume, light & blonde, gold shimmer, cherry - £2.99 - £3.99

If you haven't ever seen/heard about this product before, you must walk around with your eyes closed. This dry shampoo is the best in the world, not even kidding. When ever I use it, it makes my hair feel like I have just washed it. You could probably use this on a week old hair and it would bring it back to life, its that good.

The XXL volume version is really good for creating volume. It acts a bit like a hairspray and gets your hair 'pumped' up. If you tip your hair upside down and spray it at the roots it really helps with the volume. Personally I don't like the feel of hairspray in my hair so I'm not really a fan of this version, I think this would be a great alternative for people who often back comb their hair and hairspray it. It won't ruin your hair like back combing and probably would save you a lot of time and effort.

The light & blonde version is my favourite of all the ones I have tried. When ever I put it in my hair it seems so much softer than the rest. This one has a slight blonde colouring to it so it helps with annoying roots but I don't think it makes any more of a difference to the colour of your hair than the others, maybe a slightly less white look but thats all.

I was so excited when I found the gold shimmer version in boots, I love gold and glitter so this is pretty much heaven in a can for me. The shimmer is not overly obvious once its in your hair but it does give a gorgeous look to your hair, I sometimes just spray it all over to create a pretty effect. It works just as well as the rest even though it seems a bit more moist than the others.

I couldn't not buy the cherry version when I seen it. Cherry is my favourite fruit smell everrr. This smells like a real cherry, not an artificial overly sweet cherry smell which is lush. It makes your hair smell like cherries when you have it in, and the smell lingers for quite a while which is really good. 



  1. i love ones with a hint of colour!x

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  3. hey, just found your blog its great, i love your style. Would love if you could check mine out too, just follow and leave me a comment. Amazing blog, lovely to find a new read


  4. Bastiste is such a good shout when I'm tired - and this just makes it easier to skive on the hair washing duties on nights out too haha. Want to try the cherry one! X

  5. i want to try these!!


  6. I love Batiste. I wish there were more scents here!

  7. Wow, this is great. Sophie do you know any hair product that makes our hair smells good? Something like a perfume for hair ...? Thanks ! ^^

  8. haven't tried any of these but i'm also a sucker for glitter so i'll have to get my hands on the gold shimmer one.x

  9. I love batiste! It's ideal for festivals!x




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