13 April 2012

philip kingsley soft & shiny jet set

philip kingsley - soft and shiny travel set - £19.99 (fenwicks)

I am always looking for things to stop my hair from getting damaged as I am refusing to get my hair cut until it is as long as a mermaids, and until then it will probably get quite fried. This set is a moisture balancing travel set with, shampoo, conditioner and elasticizer (mask). This set is specific to my hair type. If you go onto the Philip Kingsley website it asks you 3 questions about your hair and finds the type of product you should be using on your hair type. My hair is medium textured, long and goes through regular processing so I need the moisturising products.

The shampoo smells really fresh and clean but it only stays on your hair for a little while. It doesn't contain any sulphate (I think thats what its called?) so it doesn't lather when you rub it in, but thats only because it doesn't contain any of it and thats bad for your hair anyway. The shampoo gets your hair really deep cleaned its quite a cleansing shampoo, it also feels like it cleans your scalp well unlike many other shampoos I have tried.

The conditioner smells less strong than the shampoo, its quite a natural smell. I concentrate the conditioner on the mid length and ends of my hair, I always avoid the roots. The first time I used it I accidentally put a little bit of conditioner on my roots and it made my hair look really flat. Although this claims to control the amount of  moisture given to the roots it still made my hair greasy when I put it near my roots. The conditioner leaves your hair really soft and shiny, it detangles really well, my hair tangles easily but with this it makes it so much easier to comb through. 

The elasticizer is probably one of Philip Kingsleys most known products as it was first created for Audrey Hepburn. Before shampooing you wet your hair and apply this in sections mainly the ends, and leave it on for 10-20 minutes, although I usually leave it for about half an hour. It restores your hair, provides shine and most of all gives it elasticity to stop your hair from breaking. I would say this is the best hair mask I have tried, you can feel a difference in your hair even when you're washing it out in the shower.


  1. Ohh i nearly picked this set up when i was shopping, it seems like quite a good price for what you get! x

  2. I really like the elasticizer xx

  3. Never heard of the elasticizer before. it sounds really good.x



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