7 April 2012

skin care routine

I have finally come to my senses and realised that I have to start looking after my skin properly and I've got soooo many skin products just sitting in a draw. I have never really had a skin care routine that I stuck to, mainly because I never had time to do it all on a morning but I have found a way to do it in about 5 minutes.

On a morning I will wipe off any excess make up from the day before, then depending on how my skin looks/feels I will use Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash, cream wash or daily scrub. I obviously don't use these all at once, if my skin looks reasonable I will use the facial wash, if it looks dry I will use the cream wash and if it looks particularly spotty I will the scrub. Then I will use Clinique clarifying lotion, though if I have used the Neutrogena scrub I will skip this lotion because they are both exfoliants. If I have any obvious spots I will put on a bit of Lush greece lighting and then use Clinique moisture surge moisturiser (omg best thing ever).

On a night time I will remove all my make up with either a No7 wipe or Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser, then if my eye make up doesn't fully come off I will use Cliniques take the day off. Then I will use Liz Earle's toner and again if I have any obvious spots I will put grease lightning on. Then moisturise with Cliniques dramatically different lotion and put some of Cliniques all about the eyes lotion round my eyes.

For my lips I will use something light on a morning like vaseline or nivea and lush lip scrub or carmex on a night time because they're thicker and work better. Then for a face mask I use Liz Earle's deep cleansing mask, once a week.


  1. I love the neutrogena grapefruit wash and scrub, at first i kind of had a bit of a love/hate relationship with them, but now i think they're amazing!x

  2. Ive not tried the neutrogena grapefruit range but I love their products so might give it a go. I love reading about other people's skincare routines. It's a sneaky way to shop too. :p x

  3. I like the neutrogena grapefruit wash and scrub, but sometimes the smell puts me off. I really want to try out Lush Lip Scrub. x

  4. I may have to steal this routine! Love most of those products x

  5. I like the grapefruit collection xx

  6. I love Carmex. Carmex is the BEST. x

  7. Love that quilt! I want one!



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