15 April 2012

spring break

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This is pretty much all I have done in the easter half term! The first week I was incredibly lazy when it came to school work, I didn't even pick up a pen! I ate far too much junk food and chocolate. Tried to explain to my bunnies what I wanted to do with my life but they just wanted strawberries. Felt like I could dress however I wanted with out class 'mates' to judge me. Although my holidays aren't completely over I will be spending today and tomorrow doing school work, such fun. How did you spend your easter break?



  1. those cupcakes look super tasty! :) x

  2. awh, I definitely want to see Titanic at the cinema just to have a good old cry haha. I have eaten way too much food over these past two weeks too, we all do it I suppose :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  3. your outfits are so cute! xx

  4. aw your nail polish </3 love your orange jumper.x

  5. Amazing blog, Absolutely love it! x

    please visit and follow! x

  6. Is it me just being stupid or do you have instagram on your blackberry? If you do how?
    Lovely photos, I love the neon jumper xx



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