30 May 2012


shirt - topshop & diy studs
vest top - sara
leather jacket - zara
rings - topshop
socks - topshop
shoes - fenwicks

This outfit is quite a contrast to the last outfit I posted just the other day, the weather was rubbish today so I've had to go back to layers boo! I sunbathed all day Sunday and Monday and accidentally got really burnt and it killed! I was so hot, you could feel the heat off my skin it was that bad! Luckily I turned a really nice brown so all is well. I also got bit all over my face and arms by midges, I absolutely hate the things! They always bite me every summer, I must be so tasty they can't get enough of me! My face feels really swollen and itchy :( Does anyone have any little remedies to get rid of the bites or to take away the itchiness? I usually am allergic to the bites and come up in rashes and all that fun stuff so if you know anything to stop this please let me know!

Enough taking about skin... you may have noticed the badge to the right hand side on my blog 'sign the petition' I would really appreciate it if you could just click on it and sign your name to help ban animal testing. This is something really close to my heart and I feel strongly about this! We need to get animal testing scrapped, I would love your help so please take two minutes out of your day to sign it and spread the word!

Ooo I also got my hair done today! You can't really tell since I have my hair tied up but my roots are finally gone! I'm really happy with the colour and cut, she barley cut anything off it so I'm super happy because I'm trying to grow it as long as a mermaid's! I tied my hair up because I didn't like the way she dried it, they never dry it to how I like it, I always feel like I want to tell them to just let me go home with wet hair and I'll dry it myself! Anyways, hope you're all ok and don't forget to sign the petition!



  1. Your hair looks so lovely in a ponytail! Love the outfit - especially the shoes!x


  2. Love this outfit, especially the ring! Hope your bites clear up soon x

    1. thank you! me too, they're really irritating! x

  3. You look stunning! Your outfit is amazing, love the nails btw!
    Hope that your bites aren't sore and that they clear up soon. Great post:)

  4. Your style is fantastic! Love the studded collar and your RINGS! So cool!

  5. Gorgeous outfit, I love everything from the collar tips right down to the shoes.

  6. I adore the love rings :)
    amazing outfit!
    you look super cute!!


  7. I love this outfit, especially the studded collar and the leather jacket xx

  8. everyone has commented on everything else I love (virtually the whole outfit) so i thought I would say I heart your killer nails! x

    check out my blog: pastime bliss

  9. I have just found you blog and really like it! Im your newest follower :)
    I love your outfit and nails
    Nicole xx



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