2 May 2012

april favourites

Garnier BB Cream - When I first bought this I hated it, but considering I am running out of my Benefit hello gorgeous foundation and rationing it for special occasions, I thought I would give this another try. It is too dark for my skin colour at the moment but I have just been putting a little bit of this on every day and it gives my skin a nice colour. Though I have to be careful because if you put too much on it makes you look far too tanned and can make you super shiny, but I have managed to control that by not putting too much on.

Models Own - Blooboo and Disco Heaven - You will all know I am a big fan of Models Own nail polishes and of course I had to buy the full set of the Hedkandi edition nail polishes when they came out. Ibiza Mix and Disco Heaven were probably the two hardest to find in store, but I did manage to get them online eventually (my life revolved around getting my hands on them when they first came out!). I will be doing a post on all of the Hedkandi polishes soon so I won't go into too much detail but Disco Heaven is my favourite out of the two glitter ones, it is so perfect! The colour is really bright and incredibly glimmery. Another polish I have been loving wearing is Blooboo, it is the most gorgeous pastel blue colour, I get a lot of compliments when I wear this.

Clinique Precious Posy - In april we had a lot of rain in the UK and for some reason my skin was not liking it at all, my skin looked really dull and lifeless so I started to put blusher on as I have never really bothered with it before. I think I was put off by wearing blusher because I had seen people wearing it really heavily, and looking absolutely ridiculous, so wearing it never appealed to me. But this blush from Clinique is very light and fresh looking with a little bit of shimmer, it makes my cheeks look nice and rosy and gives my face a much healthier glow, I don't think I will ever not wear blush again!

Eyeshadow - I go through phases of wearing eyeshadow and not wearing eyeshadow, and this month was my 'wear eyeshadow' phase. I bought quite a lot of mac eyeshadows when I was first starting out with make up and until this month I completely forgot I had them! I can not fault mac eyeshadows at all, I think everyone loves them. My favourite ones I have been using are, 'brule', 'crystal avalanche', 'all that glitters' and 'satin taupe'.

Dramatic eyebrows - I do love dramatic eyebrows, and I am running out of my Urban Decay brow box so I have been looking for alternative things to fill my eyebrows in. I got this brown eyeliner ages ago and never used it, so to use it up I have been filling my eyebrows in with it. It is a very dark brown and my hair is very light so I have to be careful with how much of it I use but it makes them look very neat and leaves no gaps. I much prefer the way pencil makes them look compared to a powder.

Bed Head Ego Boost - This was my holy grail hair product until Moroccian Oil. I have so many hair products that I don't use so I have been trying to use things up, I started to use this again and combined with Moroccian Oil it makes my hair look super healthy.


  1. Great faves! I still need to try the Garnier BB cream! I'm a BB cream virgin still ;) x

  2. I love the Garnier BB cream! When it first came out I was a bit sceptical, but i'm glad I bought one!x


  3. Love all of this! Especially the eye shadows! xo

  4. Love the eyeshadows! & Blusher! :) xx



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