29 May 2012

bourjois magic nail polish remover

bourjois magic nail polish remover - £4.99

You have all probably heard about or seen this nail polish remover on blogs recently but I had to share this with you incase you haven't. As you may know I am always changing my nail colour and painting my nails at least 4 times a week, it used to be such a hassle to take off my nail polish and I would always avoid red nail polish because the colour would bleed onto my skin when I removed it. Bourjois have created a 'magic' and it really is magic, nail polish remover which takes the hassle away from removing nail polish. It is in a tub with a sponge inside soaked with nail varnish remover, the sponge has a small hole in it which you dip each finger into. It claims to take nail polish off in 1 second but I'd say it takes it off in at least 5 seconds, a bit longer for glitter nail varnish but still much faster than regular nail polish remover. It doesn't make the nail polish colour come off onto you fingers it stays all on the sponge, it is perfect for glitter nail polish, as it is a sponge you don't get any of the cotton pad fluff coming off onto your nails and making it harder to remove. I don't know why any one didn't come up with this idea of using a sponge years ago because its so much easier! It smells much nicer than normal nail varnish remover, much less harsh and chemically. It has a red fruit and vanilla fragrance which stays on your nails after it has dried, it has almond oil extracts in it too which leaves your nails soft and nourished. I can't praise it enough, its defiantly something worth buying if you're a nail varnish junkie like me.



  1. Totally loving this at the moment. Time saver, means I can repaint my nails as many times as I want a week without extra effort!

  2. Seen this on so many blogs recently and everyone seems to love it! Really want to give it a go!x




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