19 May 2012

i'm still here

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boo hoo / should be horse riding wearing this / yum / stupid weather / outfit / disney memories / hair / hi / leopard / art exam / who wouldn't want two of me / eyes / outfit prep / amazing / remember these / hunny bunny / saturday night fun / kisses from my girl / necklace / wow / peace (failed at photo a day may) / nails / outfit / collar bling / being unhealthy / new favourite movie / sibling slavery / moon / so good / changed my life / please sign the petition / panic room / bunneh / oh yeah / watched S1 of 2 broke girls in like two days and wanted cupcakes the whole time / smells like heaven / naughty / pretty / skipping revision / exam morning :( / cutie pie / nails / got to get that magic back onto my ipod! / milerz / purple hair! / diet ruined / outfit / i find this an acceptable hair style / never ending / can't wait to get practising / aww / tie-dye / nandos buddy / smilers

Wow, I didn't realise how many photos there are here, this is basically my life since spring break. I have been trying my best to revise for exams but, I can not concentrate at all these days! And when theres a better offer like going to see Jonny Depp on the big screen how could I resist?! 


  1. I love your pink hair! I have the magic nail varnish remover,it's so easy and amazing! I'm painting my nails everyday now!


  2. Love your colorful blog! We linked back on icecreamandpizza.com xo

  3. I love milerz!! Great post xx



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