5 May 2012

label m sea salt spray

label m sea salt spray - toni and guy salons £11.50

I have naturally wavy hair, but to enhance and define the waves I often use this sea salt spray. It creates a soft beachy wave very similar to how Ivy wears her hair in 90210. My hair is very frizzy but when I use this spray, it takes away the frizz and makes my hair look smooth. My natural hair is curlier than in these photos but with the sea salt spray it straightens it slightly and gives it a looser wave. I spray a bit in my hair when its wet and let it air dry. This can also be used on dry hair to give a nice matt effect and texture. This can be used on any type of hair, if your hair isn't very wavy it will just add a nice messy texture, it obviously won't make your hair really curly if your hair is naturally straight, though it is surprising what natural curl you may have. It is basically just salt and water, so if you don't want to spurge out on an expensive product like this you could choose a cheaper one, or make your own. Just add a little bit of rock salt to water in a spray bottle and spray it into your hair. When you're first trying it, spray it into wet hair so it will add the most curl, if you like how it made your hair look and feel then you can invest in a ready made one, which will have additional moisturising and conditioning ingredients in it, as just salt and water can't be that good for your hair. I really like the Label M one as it is the only one I have tried that made my hair soft and smooth as well as giving it a messy texture, it is also the best smelling one! It smells like a summer holiday, its like a beach in a bottle.


  1. Your hair looks lovely :) I used to love sea salt sprays, haven't used them for a while! I should give this one a go! xx

  2. sounds good!I really need to try one of these types of sprays x

  3. Aw very pretty! I had no idea they made this kind of stuff! Beach on the go, cool!

  4. Your hair *-*

  5. Your hair looks lovely and soft, I've tried a few sea salt sprays or similar products and I don't like how some of them make your hair sticky and look wet. I might invest in this product, I have wavy hair but it can look quite flat and doesn't always go right so it would be nice to have this.


  6. Your hair is so beautiful!x


  7. beaut, this looks great! i've always wanted to try sea salt spray, this sounds like a god-send. (i am in love with your blog by the way, you have the nicest photos! can i ask how you edit them?)xx



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