9 May 2012

models own x headkandi

models own headkandi - ibiza mix, hedonist, balearic cool, beach party, disco heaven (£5 each)

As you all probably know, I'm obsessed with models own nail polishes, and when these came out I had to get the complete set! I absolutely love the colours of them, they're so neon and bright, they are perfect for summer which was their intention. They created 5 nail polishes intended for hot summer holidays, and I will defiantly be taking these on my holiday with me! They are perfect for beachy holidays or any kind of holiday that will involve hot weather and you getting a tan!

models own - hedonist

Hedonist is a gorgeous neon coral, it is the least harsh out of the three colours. The formula is almost the same as normal models own polishes, just a bit thinner, I only needed 2 coats of this to get a opaque cover. This is the only one that drys to a matt coat, its not too matt but not as shiny as usual polishes, though this is easily fixed with a top coat of mega shine. I would say this was my favourite of all of them as it is probably the colour that you can wear on a daily basis with out anyone getting a shock when they took a look at your nails.

hedonist with disco heaven (l) & ibiza mix (r)

models own - balearic cool 

Balearic Cool is a cool (obvs) blue colour and looks lovely with blonde hair! I was really disappointed in the formula of this one as it is very watery and not opaque at all, I had to put 3 coats on to make it look reasonable, and even then I was wanting to put another coat on. Although the formula isn't up to much the colour is still irresistible.

balearic cool with disco heaven (l) & ibiza mix (r)

models own - beach party

This is my favourite of them all! It is such a perfect neon orange! It isn't too sickly because it is slightly on the peachy/yellow side but I think this would look absolutely amazing with a tan! It is strange that I like such a colour but I think the peachy hue makes it acceptable. I have the colour on now even though its like 10° here and this colour is not made for the English weather! I can't wait to wear this on holiday.

beach party with disco heaven (l) & ibiza mix (r)

models own - disco heaven

Disco Heaven is like the gold version of Juciy Jules this is the perfect polish for me, its gold and glitter! It has small specks of gold, light blue and turquoise glitter in it which makes it unique from any other gold glitter polish I have seen. 

models own - ibiza mix

Ibiza Mix is the hardest to get your hands on out of this collection, everyone seems to like it. It is very similar to OPI's Rainbow Connection and has multi coloured glitter through out it. It looks like a black polish with glitter in but its actually see through.

I love this collection so much, its the definition of summer! I don't like the fact that they're limited edition though, so I might have to go and buy another couple of Beach Party and Disco Heaven to last me my whole life!



  1. aw, these are beautiful! ibiza mix and hedonist look like my cup of tea, will have to make an order as soon as possible! uh oh x

    (i nominated you for the cosmo blog awards by the way!)

  2. I love the colours you picked up, but I'm not allowed to buy any more nail polishes I have too many. x

  3. Lovely swatches :) I love Hedonist xx

  4. I need these for summer, that beach party one looks so nice! You finally got them all then haha xx

  5. Beach party looks so great for party :) x

  6. I really need to get my hands on these! x

  7. Hy sweetie! this is lovely! i was thinking, maybe we can follow each others blog?! :X


  8. I need to get my hands on some models own nail varnishes! loving your blog background pattern too :)




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