4 May 2012

sally hansen mega shine top coat

I'm not sure how I came across this top coat but I have never looked back after buying it! I have re-bought this about 5 times since finding it! This is a shine enhancing nail varnish top coat. It adds incredible shine to your nails and protects them from chipping. The shiny glaze does not fade like many top coats, one coat is all it takes to make your nails look amazing, although if you would like it shinier you can add another coat. It reflects the light really well and almost looks like a mirror in some lights and on some colours. People always ask me how my nail varnish doesn't chip, it is because I use this. I don't think it has ever let my polish chip unless I have physically picked it off. I only repaint my nails because of the regrowth it literally doesn't chip at all. It claims to keep your nail varnish on for 10 days but I think it could last longer (I just like to change my colour a lot). I have seen peoples reviews on it and many people don't like it, I honestly haven't got a clue why, they mustn't be using it properly or have a bad batch or something! I do use high end nail varnishes but I have used it on cheaper ones and I think it works the same on both! I think this is a perfect top coat if you find your nail varnish chips very easily and especially if you do nail art, you don't want it chipping off straight away. I would really recommend this to everyone and it is a reasonable price so you can't go wrong!



  1. My friend was telling me about how good this was the other day, and your review backs up exactly what she said! :) x

  2. I love Sally Hansen products! Although some of there topcoats are a bit dispointing! I'll have to give this a go! :)x


  3. Iv heard this is amazing! I think ill check it out after reading this! :)



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