10 June 2012

half term

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after my exams i'm going to hibernate and watch all of these back to back / cute shop display / traveling to york / nicest hotel ever / bettys tea rooms / coca beans / kit kat evolution / fav place / yum / pretty / ma face / nail art supplies / my precious / NEW BUNNY / she fits in my hand / woke up this morning and there she was / breaking into this chocolate feast / poser

Sorry for the range in photo quality here, some were took on my camera and the rest on my ipod. This was my half term, we went to York again, that was fun, the weather wasn't though. I GOT ANOTHER BUNNY! Omg she's the sweetest thing, quite cheeky but a cutie. She is a netherland dwarf, six weeks old and she fits into the palm of my hand. So much love for her awwwww! I now have three bunnies, its a lot to handle but they all get lots and lots of my attention, I'm in love with all three. Leave a comment below if you would like to see a post about my bunnies. I'll be back posting properly after my last two exams.



  1. I'd like a bunny post, have you got a name for this little bunny?

  2. Aww the new bunny is a cutie! As a fellow bunny owner I'd love to see a post on them :) xx

  3. Please, PLEASE do a bunny post! All your 'bunnystagrams' make me melt! SO MUCH CUTENESS> xxx

  4. That waffle dessert looks delicious :) x

  5. BUNNNNYYY! please do a bunny post.

  6. Your rabbit is so cute! I'm jealous!;)xox

  7. Please do a bunny post they're TOO FRIGGIN CUTE! Good luck with your exams :)


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  9. amazing photos :)
    I love this little bunny!!


  10. Love all the photos! And seriously, I thought I was one of the few people left in our generation who actually enjoys watching Frasier! ;)


  11. Exam week is crazy! Cute blog

  12. love your posts..as always. please could everyone check my blog out. it's new and the last post is pretty rubbish but all the same..i'd love to get some people reading and following. www.the-minifashionista.blogspot.co.uk

  13. Your bunny is just too cute!
    I'm following you now :)

    Laura x



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