22 June 2012

real techniques - core collection

real techniques - core collection £21.99

I wasn't really so concerned when these brushes came out as I already had a lot of make up brushes, but they always caught my eye when ever I went into boots, but because I had briefly seen them on blogs before I thought there must be something good about them so I gave into temptation and bought them. I am so glad I did! They are the softest brushes I have ever used, even softer than MAC brushes. The 'core collection' is specifically for the face, which I didn't really think I would get much use out of because I don't wear much product on my face, but ever since buying these I have wore blusher and contoured my face everyday! The contour brush is amazing, it fits into my cheek bones perfectly, and it puts colour on so smoothly, it looks really natural which is a must for when you're contouring your face. I use the buffing brush for blusher and that again puts colour on flawlessly. The detailer brush I use for blending in concealer and because its a denser brush than the rest it hides every flaw! I don't really use the pointed foundation brush for anything because I don't need it but it would be a perfect brush for liquid foundation. I really think these brushes are better than some of my MAC ones, and they're much cheaper! The duo fiber hair on each brush gives you a flawless finish every time. The case they come with is so handy! It folds almost every way imaginable, I especially love how it bends in half and the brushes are sticking out the top, it makes it easy to access when you're in a rush trying to get ready on time. It is a great way to store them and keep them from getting dusty, I keep them in their cases. I would really recommend these to anyone looking for new brushes they are defiantly worth the price! I can't wait to get my hands on some more!


  1. Perfect timing, planning on picking these up tomorrow :) xx

  2. I really want to try Real Techniques brushes, I haven't decided whether I want to try the eye brushes or the face brushed first yet x

  3. I love the real technique brushes, they have sparkled the love of applying my make up on a morning. I recently brought the big face brush, I'm yet to try it but I'm sure it well be as good as the others x

  4. I've been saving up for those for aggeeess!!! I love your new blog layout, can I use your old Aztec background on my blog??? :) x

  5. I've been looking at these brushes for ages, i'm so tempted to buy myself them! I love your new layout - it's fab!




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