22 July 2012

diy - galaxy print shoes

Yesterday me and Jessica got together and painted some galaxy print shoes, if you want to know how we did it, keep reading.

you'll need brushes, sponges and black or navy blue canvas shoes. you will also need acrylic paint, this seemed like the easiest thing to use, we didn't try fabric paint but if you're willing to risk it go for the fabric paint.

001. You'll need some pain black or navy canvas shoes, I got mine from topshop in the sale for only £10.
002. Take the laces out and tape round the soles of the shoes to keep them clean.
003. Start dabbing blue paint all over the shoe with a sponge.
004. Gradually add the purple and pink paint in various places. Mix white paint in with some of the colours to give a more dimensional look to the background. Try to alternate where you put the different colours so each shoe doesn't look too similar.
005. This step is optional but I dabbed little bits of white paint around the shoe to create the effect of clouds.
006. With a really thin brush dab small dots of white paint randomly around the shoe, if you do this in a pattern it will not look as realistic. You can also flick paint over the shoe to create varied stars. Add a couple of bigger stars by crossing two lines over each other. Then paint around the lace holes white to make it look more polished then remove the tape and put your laces in and you're finished!

I absolutely love how mine turned out, at first I wasn't too sure if they'd look good at all but I kept going over the background with different colours and it took me a while to get it how I liked it but it turned out ok in the end. I can't wait to wear them on holiday! I don't think I'll wear them here as you can not trust the weather and the paints I used are water based so it probably would all run off. I am going to spray them with a waterproof shoe spray but I still wouldn't want to risk it in the rain. What do you think? Are you going to do this to some shoes you have?

21 July 2012

lush make up launch

Lush launched their first ever make up range just today! A friend and I went to the opening and tested out all the products! Everything looks so great I was tempted to buy lots of the tints, though the £14 price tag put me off! I really fancy the mascara because apparently it makes your eyelashes grow, which I desperately need! I love most of all that none of these products were ever and never will be tested on animals, again if you haven't already, sign the petition to help put a stop to animal testing!

18 July 2012

l'oreal elvive - extraordinary oil

l'oreal elvive - extraordinary oil £9.99

I have ran out of my best friend Moroccan oil and my hair has been suffering because of it, so I thought I would give this L'oreal oil a try as it seems to claim to do the same thing. I've been using this for about two weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in the ends of my hair, they are not as dry as they used to be and my hair overall looks a lot healthier. This is pretty much the same as Moroccan oil so I'm not going to go into much detail on it as I have already done a Moroccan oil review here. The only thing I don't like about the L'oreal oil is that it doesn't smell of anything, Moroccan oil smells delicious but this doesn't have a smell at all. I would say this is a great 'dupe' for Moroccan oil if you aren't willing to pay the £30+ for the same amount of product you get with the L'oreal oil. One thing I prefer about this oil is that it makes my hair really shiny and glossy, which is hard to get with blonde hair. It has made my hair feel really soft, and has kept it soft since I last washed it. Thinking about it, I might prefer the L'oreal oil to the Moroccan oil as it is much cheaper and you get a lot more product for your money. I love how shiny it makes my hair and I can defiantly say it is protecting and quite possibly even fixed my split ends. You only need a little bit of this oil in your hair, as it goes a long way, which I didn't find was the case with Moroccan oil, I felt with Moroccan oil I had to apply quite a bit to make my hair less frizzy and look less damaged. I will defiantly be repurchasing this oil when I run out!

15 July 2012

clinique pore minimizer

clinique pore minimizer

I wasn't really sure whether to post this review or not because I have just found out that Clinique have re-formulated this product, and apparently the new one isn't as good as the old one. But after searching high and low on the internet I finally found somewhere you can buy the original, if you're interested, here. It is a lot more expensive than when I bought it but obviously because its the old version they aren't as readily available. The new version 'pore refining solutions instant perfector' comes in three colours, I haven't tried it but apparently it doesn't minimise your pores as much as the old one, there are mixed reviews on the new one just like any product but the majority of people said it isn't as good as it used to be. I hope they bring back the original soon because not many people are happy with the new formula. I am quite wary of using this now as I didn't know it wasn't around and more, I am going to have to ration it for special occasions :(! While I was searching for the original I also found a much cheaper version by the brand Almay, its only £4 and apparently does the same thing as Clinique! So its worth a try.

I bought this primer quite a while ago when I didn't really know a lot about make up and I thought it was something that would make my pores actually smaller, but it's not, it's a primer that makes them only appear smaller. I have recently started using it again because I don't have the money to splash out on my usual MAC prep and prime. You only need to put a small amount on your T zone and it stops your face becoming shiny through out the day. When ever I wear it, it makes my skin look matt which I prefer. It keeps your make up on all day and keeps it looking like you've just applied it. I'm so glad I dug this out of my make up draw, its such a good primer and it smooths my skin so applying foundation or concealer is much easier. It does hide my pores a lot which can be hard to do without a primer. I am so sad they have changed the formula because there was nothing wrong with this!

11 July 2012

summer nail polishes

models own - indian ocean, jessica - soaking up the sun, models own - beach party, models own - ibiza mix, opi - tickle my france-y, models own - hedonist, models own - balearic cool, opi - alpine snow

I base the nail polish colours I wear off the season, and for summer I think these colours are going to be all I wear! The Models Own Hedkandi range are bright neons and they have been based around hot summer holidays, so they are the perfect combination for holidays abroad. I really like the look of white nail polish with a tan, OPI's 'alpine snow' is a bright white which is really opaque so it will create a lovely contrast with all skin colours. OPI's 'tickle my france-y' reminds me of safari's because its such a natural colour and it will go with everything you wear! What are your favourite summer nail polish colours?

9 July 2012

june favourites

soap and glory - girlingo moisturiser, seventeen magazine, clinique pore minimiser, iphone 4S

Soap and Glory Girlingo Moisturiser - As its coming to summer (defiantly not in the UK) I have wanted to start looking after my skin more, so I've started using this and its honestly the best moisturiser I have ever used. I used to hate putting moisturiser on because it would never sink into my skin completely and leave a sticky or greasy residue. But this doesn't, its different to any body moisturiser I've ever seen, it is a body moisturising mist, its really light and sinks into your skin super fast which I love. It smells gorgeous too, just like most Soap and Glory products. Even though its a light mist I feel like it does really moisturise my skin.

Seventeen Magazine - Now all my exams are over and I only have a couple of days left at sixth form, I haven't had revision or coursework to keep me occupied so I started reading my pile of magazines I've collected over the past couple of months. I kept buying magazines even though I didn't have time to read them, I couldn't miss buying an issue! I have just fell in love with this magazine again, its one of those magazines that I read the whole way through, I never skip a page, everything in there interests me. It is an American magazine and those usually have adverts on every other page but Seventeen keeps them to a minimum and fills each issue with great topics.

Clinique Pore Minimiser - I have had this for a while and I just dug it out of my makeup draw a couple of weeks ago, I don't even know why I stopped using it, it is an amazing primer and hides pores perfectly! I'm going to do a proper review soon of it, if you're interested.

iPhone 4S - My blackberry contract of two years finally ran out at the end of June which I am so happy about! I have been wanting an iPhone for years and I feel like I am complete with it now. It is my life aww. Also the camera is amazing and I have been instagraming like crazy so don't forget to follow me on there (@thesecretavenue).

I always find it hard to think of things that I have been loving using over the past month, so monthly favourite posts are always hard for me. As you can see I don't have many favourites this month, though I didn't want to miss it out as I'm a bit 'OCD' about things like that. Again I feel like I need to apologise for not posting in a while, I was on a biology fieldtrip last week and I've just been stuck in a bit of a blogging rut, I have loads of posts I want to do but I am just not feeling like posting at all these days, sorry girls! Hopefully I will snap out of it soon!


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