28 August 2012

haul - what i bought on holiday

I didn't think I would be able to shop much when I was on holiday but we quite often got the bus into the town of Ciutadella and there were so many nice shops with little bits and pieces in and they tempted me to buy far too much as usual.

Red jumper and army green t-shirt - these are from a shop called Fridays Project, the type of clothing in the shop reminded me of h&m a little bit, there weren't many things I liked in the shop as they were a bit basic but these I immediately loved. The jumper isn't like the jumpers I have already, its a really soft material and its not at all itchy which is a deal breaker for me. It is nice and thin so its not too bulky. The t-shirt is basic but the army green colour is very 'in' for autumn, I love the shoulder detail, it makes it a bit different to just a plain t-shirt.

Blue shirt - this is from the shop Stradivarius, my new favourite shop, it was so perfect, I could have bought everything in there! I was only allowed 5 minutes in the shop so I couldn't go too crazy and buy everything in sight but I saw this shirt and loved the collar detail on it. I later on went on the internet to their website and put so much in the online basket (of course not buying it) including an amazing leather jacket with studs on the collar, but good news for my purse they don't ship to the UK. Although I do believe they are opening a couple of shops in England in the near future!

Abarcas (sandals) - these are traditional Menorcan shoes originally worn by peasants and have now become the fashion in Menorca. At first I thought they were really ugly but when I seen basically everyone wearing them they grew on me and I now think they're really cool. So I got my self a pair. I went for a basic tan colour so they would match almost every outfit I would wear. They come in so many different colours, and have loads of different patterns on them, like lizards and flowers, I had to limit my self to just one pair. They are so comfy and easy to walk in, they are real leather so they will last a long time hopefully!

Bag - this is from another amazing shop called Pachamama, I think this is my favourite shop out of all the ones I went into. It was jam packed with jewellery and little indian and hindu inspired items. There was so much to look at, every time I went back I was finding something new. I've wanted a bag similar to this one for such a long time and as soon as I saw this one I knew it was the one, there were various colours and designs but this one stud out the most to me. It is a little bit long for me as I'm only short but hopefully I can find a way to shorten it somehow. It reminds me of something I seen Miley wear so that convinced me even more to buy it.

Now I'm not going to explain everything I have jewellery and souvenir wise but I will tell you about a couple of my favourites. If you can spot that gold bracelet that has a triangle shaped chain coming off it, is from Pachamama too, its absolutely spectacular its so different to any other hand chain I have ever seen its not really that comfortable to wear but I think its worth it as it looks so good. I got quite a few friendship type bracelets as I always do on holiday, from a few markets. I got a dream catcher key ring which I'm thinking can go on my future car keys (hint hint dad). That purple piece of ribbon says 'gent de menorca' and you have to wrap it twice around your wrist and tie it in three knots and make three wishes, and when it falls off your wishes will come true, which I thought was so cute. I of course couldn't go any where with out buying make up so I bought a blusher from Lola in the colour number 2 and Stila correcting face primer. Thats pretty much all I can talk about so I hope you liked seeing what I got and keep an eye out for my outfits from week 2, talk to you all soon!


  1. love the blue top! great post:D


  2. That shirt with the studded collar is so pretty - seriously disappointed they don't ship to the UK but it's certainly a good thing for my purse too! I love everything you bought :) xoxo

  3. It all looks so nice! Especially the shoes- so classic and cool. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Stila One Step Primer :) xx

  4. The bracelets are so pretty :) hope you had a lovely holiday !

    Beautiful Dreams

  5. The blue floral shirt is so lovely! Such a shame they don't ship to the UK xx

  6. love everything you bought! x


  7. Wow you got some amazing finds! I'd love to go on holiday to somewhere like Menorca and explore :)



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