26 August 2012


I just got back from my two week holiday with my family on Friday, it was lovely to have some sun and heat though in Menorca they were having a heat wave so most days it was 40°c+ which was quite unbearable! It was a very relaxing holiday as we stayed in a villa and didn't really do much at all except for a couple of times got the bus into the town of Ciutadella. I was on edge quite a lot though through the two weeks because there wasn't any wifi connection at the villa, and I ended up giving into temptation and turning my 3G on so my phone bill will hurt this month! At the end of week two I was getting a little bit aggravated and wanted to come home which is unusual for me as I usually hate coming back to rainy England, but this time I was missing my bunnies and my memory foam mattress!


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    Love your white playsuit.
    I get like that by the end of the 2 weeks. Start missing my friends and feel really out of sync bu then I get home and wish I was back there! haha Cant win xx

  2. It looks lovely, I love Menorca! I've just recently returned from a 2 week holiday and was the same as you, into week 2 I got so home sick and just wanted to be home, wish I was back there now though haha xx

  3. i love the blue nail polish!! xx

  4. Ahw, these pictures are so lovely, make me want to go on a holiday! xx

  5. The pictures look great! Hope you had a nice time:)xo



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