16 August 2012

palm tree sunset - nail art tutorial

*I am currently on holiday in Menorca and don't have internet access, I will not be able to reply to emails and comments until I get back on the 24th of August*

you'll need - black nail art pen, make up sponge, base coat, models own beach party and hedonist, top coat.

001. Paint all of your nails a bright orange, except for your ring finger.
002. Paint a strip of bright pink and a strip of bright orange onto a make up sponge.
003. Dab the sponge onto your ring finger to create a gradient effect, repeat this step until the colour is opaque.
004. Paint a layer of top coat over your ring finger to blend the gradient more and get rid of the textured sponge markings. Dip a q-tip into nail varnish remover to get rid of the polish on the bed of your nails.
005. With a black nail art pen paint a diagonal line from the middle of the orange on your ring finger and stopping in the middle of your nail.
006. Fill the corner in black.
007. Paint a line coming from the middle of the diagonal line you just painted, to almost the top of your nail. Make sure to make the bottom of the line thicker than the top to make it look more realistic.
008. Paint 5 or 6 small lines coming from the top of the palm tree base, odd numbers of lines usually look best. Again make the line where it comes from the base thicker than the tip of it.
009. Cover all of your nails with a thick coat of shine enhancing top coat to protect your design from chipping.



  1. Wow!! Pretty! I really need to get an orange nail polish so that I can try this!:)

  2. Your nails look great! I love the hedkandi nail varnishes xx

  3. i can't even say how much i love this! the first picture is great too x

  4. Love this, it looks great :) x

  5. such a great idea!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new international jewellery/accessory giveaway to win one of two prizes!

  6. looks great! I wish they sold models own nail polishes here where I lived! :P


  7. This looks fab! I saw a similar tutorial in last months Company mag, you should tweet them the link to this they'll probably RT :)!

    Love J.

  8. Wow this mani is really cute, and I love the choice of colours so bright yet pretty!


  9. I love the shape of your nails and this looks so pretty! xx

  10. awesome idea, love the shape of your nails! xx

  11. your blog is actually the best! I am definately doing the galxy print shoes!

  12. Gorgeous, I'm definitely going to try this myself :-)

  13. Lovely tutorial, I saw a tutorial similar to this in company magazine! Great blog - I'm your new follower

  14. aw, this is so amazing.
    i'll have to try it :)



  15. Oh wow what an amazing idea! These look so fabulous!



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