2 September 2012

autumn wish list

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1. I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for ages and I think I have finally found the one. Its from Topshop, it has a detachable fur collar so I feel like its two coats in 1, they both give very different looks. I've tried it on in the shop and it looks gorgeous, the fur is so soft and I think it will add that extra warmth to the coat in the winter months. I'm defiantly going to buy this as soon as I get the chance, it is a bit short in the body and it comes just above my hips so I'm going to get the 'tall' version to make sure its a bit longer and better for the cold weather, it also comes in petite and normal sizes.

2/3. I did put my self on a nail polish ban through out the summer and I haven't bought any nail polishes in the past couple of months, probably down to the fact that I own all of the models own nail polishes in my local boots but I like to think I was good and didn't buy any. I think for the autumn I need to get my nails on these two colours, they remind me of autumn so much I know they will be my favourite colours to wear for a while. (purple grey & grace green)

4/5/6. I haven't had black ankle boots since I wore uniform in high school and I never really liked black shoes in general but I have some what over come this hate for black shoes as long as they're not worn with light denim (barf). I have seen some really nice ankle boots in shops recently and these three are my favourite, I won't be able to buy them all but I can't decide which are my favourite, can you make my mind up for me?

7. Ever since seeing Lily wear a tartan scarf I've wanted one.

8. I really like this hat, and if I say so my self I do suit it, but for £24 I don't think I would wear it enough to spend that kind of money on it considering I got an identical black one in h&m for only £2 in their sale.

9/10. I have already bought three pairs of these jeans in the last two weeks and I still want more. They are so soft and comfortable, quite expensive but they are defiantly worth it, I bought some years ago from Topshop and I still have them. I love every colour they come in, I want these two colours next, its probably not safe to let me into Topshop at the moment.

11/12. I really want to wear shorts in autumn with black tights, I just think they look so good. I especially love the Glamorous black studded ones, I wanted to make them my self but the stud shop I go to never have the spikes so I might just have to give in and buy these.

13. I again seen this coat on Lily and it looks gorgeous, but I don't think I could justify buying two coats at the same time, I might have to wait a few weeks to buy it because its not really that cold yet for a proper winter coat (still trying to cling onto summer) and if its still in stores, it has to be fate and I'll buy it.


  1. You will love the RI leather sleeve jacket! I love it, I'm also looking for a full leather jacket. Great wish list. xo

  2. Lovely wishlist, autumn is all about vampy deep purples and reds. My top buy for A/W is a barbour lookalike jacket from tesco! xxx

  3. I adore those aztec print boots! xo

    This post is a total inspiration for my A/W wardrobe :-)


  4. I've seen a lot of that RI coat, and many variations in different shops, but it's such a perfect combination of fabrics.I will definitely agree with you on how comfy those Topshop jeans are though!

  5. really love all those boots! xxx


  6. I am major boot cravings right now!

  7. I love the tartan scarf! The River Island coat is so nice too! xx

  8. great post! so many good picks! i recently bought some black acid wash jeans and i love them

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  9. I actually like everything you've chosen ! x



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