9 September 2012

firmoo.com sunglasses

I was offered by the brand Firmoo to choose a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses from their website to be gifted to me to try out and if I was happy with them I was kindly asked to write a review on their product or feature their product in a post on my blog.

I chose from the firmoo.com website a pair of sunglasses as I don't need any prescription glasses. I chose the full frame wrap around aviator sunglasses in the colour chocolate. The frame looks black in these photos but in real life they are a gorgeous plumy/brown colour. The lenses are tinted a dark blue colour to protect your eyes from UV rays and the sun. The sunglasses come with a hard plastic case and a soft rubbery fabric case, they come with a cleaning cloth and a tool and spare screws incase the legs become loose. I love the shape of these sunglasses, I feel like this shape is best for my face, although they are a bit big for me I feel some what like an Olsen twin when I wear them. The firmoo website has quite a large selection of eyewear which can be used for fashion or medical purposes. If you're a blogger or not a blogger you can get yourself a pair of firmoo glasses for free by clicking here. Firmoo has launched a program offering free eyewear to first time buyers in order to incise people into trying their products, all you have to do is pay the shipping, which converts to £10 to the UK and £10 for a pair of good quality glasses or sunglasses isn't bad. I was surprised with the amount they charge for shipping to the UK but they do come from their manufacturer in China so I suppose its a reasonable amount of money for shipping. I am very happy with my choice of sunglasses and I will be defiantly wearing these with in the next couple of weeks for our supposed 'Indian summer'.


  1. lovely glasses!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. i was contacted to pick out a pair of sunglasses from firmoo but couldn't tell if it was legit or not as it went into spam. you picked out a really nice pair. 10£ shipping is pretty pricey.x

  3. That's a lovely pick :) I got a sponsored pair with them too and absolutely adore it!

  4. ahh they are so pretty, the style really suits you! x

  5. love the shape of them, so pretty x



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