17 September 2012

lola make up by persé - blusher 002

lola blush colour 002 - €9.50 (approx £7.67)

I bought this on holiday in Menorca after seeing loads of girls caring bags with 'LOLA' written on them. I was basically like 'omg spanish make up I need it' so I went on a hunt and found a perfume store that sold it. (See what else I bought on holiday here) I thought I'd get a blusher because I have started to like wearing blushers recently. It is very pigmented so you don't need to put much on, it is a lovely pastely pink colour which can be built up to a very bright pink. I apply it with my real techniques buffing brush and it goes on so smoothly, it blends really well onto your skin and leaves quite a velvety finish. I much prefer the finish to this blush than any other brand I have tried, I wish I had bought more of their products because I absolutely love this and I bet everything else would have been just as good. 


  1. That's so lovely, you also have an amazing tan! Are you still going to be changing your blog name to Sophie foster? Sorry for asking but I just don't want to lose your address! :p xxx

    1. i've been thinking for ages whether or not to, at the moment, no i won't be, as i get many views from various sites that have linked my current blog address and i don't want to loose that but i'm still not happy with the name. who knows i might in the future but for now its staying the same x

  2. The colour is gorgeous ! it looks really pretty and natural :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. love the shade such a pretty pink ! x



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