23 September 2012

no nails, no life

This is my 100th post so I thought I'd celebrate that by posting something that nearly takes over my life, nail art. I have been practising nail art for about 3 years now and I love it, people always say I must have a really steady hand to be able to do it but at first I really didn't, it just takes time, patients and practice. It also helps if you have the right tools to be able to create neat designs, I swear by rio nail art pens, you can see my review of them here. I have also been loving the Models Own and WAH nails, nail art pens the bottles are smaller but that makes them easier to control. I love doing nail art, I would paint peoples nails all day if I could. Most of my designs are inspired by WAH nails and Disco nails, I'd love to have my own nail art salon some day I absolutely love it and don't think I'd ever get sick of painting peoples nails. Above are a few of my favourite nail art designs I've done, some of them aren't up to my current standards but thats what practice is for! If you want tutorials on any of them just let me know.


  1. I would love to have my own nail salon too, kinda like the WAH ones! If you ever set one up I'll work for you! Hahaha ;)


  2. I wish I could do nail art but I suck, I'm good with the model's own nail art pen with tiger patterns and I'm good and tips but anything else is rubbish. You are so amazing at nail art, you must have the steadiest hands EVER! xxx

    1. Also perhaps a tutorial on the one with your thumb which is stripy with a heart or that blobby one with the glittery ring finger? xxx

  3. you're so skilled ! x

  4. You're really great with this! :D
    My favorite is the poppy one -- it's too pretty~!


  5. Amazing nails!! I have massive nail art envy haha

  6. Wish I had your skills! I swear the only thing I can do with my nails is bite them! Great post :)

  7. wow they all look so amazing ! I love your nail posts :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  8. Wow congrats on your 100th post! I love the collection of nail art, all beautiful!

    Tsui Chung
    @ fashionganache.blogspot.co.uk

  9. AH these are amazing! LOVEEE the chanel nails!

    xx Missy

  10. These are gorgeous, I can't decide with is my favourite, I wish I was gifted with nail art skills but I'm not lol :-)

  11. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

  12. Love the Christmas ones, could you possibly do a tutorial nearer the time??xx and you could definitely have a nail art salon!!x

  13. These are gorgeous! I wish i was as good as you. xx



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