29 October 2012

halloween nail art

I've been neglecting my blog for a few weeks as I've been getting my youtube channel set up, I miss blogging so much, I love blogging much more than making videos, videos take a while to film, export, edit and upload it takes days for me to get just one video up! Hopefully I will get the hang of it soon though and manage to balance out my time blogging and youtubeing!

I have created two nail art looks for halloween and filmed tutorials for them, the 'witchcraft' video is up now and the 'vampire' one I'm currently editing and won't be up until tomorrow. Hopefully you will be able to have a good view of my nails in the videos, its was very hard to film and I ended up making a few nail mistakes because of the angle I was at. I hope you like the videos and that they're easy to follow! Please leave me youtube video requests in the comments!

I'll be back to blogging soon!

24 October 2012

first ever youtube video & every day make up #3

(all products used are listed in the description bar on my video)

I have finally, made my first youtube video!!! I am so scared its still on private at the moment but by the time this post is up you all will hopefully be able to see it! I keep rewatching it and just cringing at the sight of me haha! I'm not speaking in it or anything but its still so strange to watch myself! Though I've wanted to do this for a while so I may as well give it a try! Its just a video showing how I do my every day make up at the moment, I don't wear much these days because I usually can't be bothered to do anything fancy. I can't wait to film a video showing you all my bunnies though they're hilarious to watch (at least I think so). It took me a while to figure out where to film as my room comes off on camera as quite dark, I think I have figured out where to film but I could be moving around in the next videos. Anyways heres a link to the video (omg omg omg). Please like, comment and subscribe it would make me feel much better!

I made 500 followers last week and I will be doing a giveaway very soon, I am hoping to buy the giveaway prize tomorrow so if you have any ideas of what I can buy please comment below and let me know! I hope you enjoy my first every video eeeee scary stuff!

14 October 2012

how i edit my blog photos

I have had a few questions about how I edit my photos and what software I used to enhance them on, so I thought I would do a post on how I do it to show you all how to get he same sort of effect in your own photos. I use the same filter on every photo I post on my blog except instagram photos of course, but I don't mention which one I use this is only because I want to keep my technique some what 'secret' sorry if this bothers any of you. If you're not that familiar with photoshop this might be a bit confusing for you but I've tried to make it as simple as possible. I use photoshop elements 10 it was £70 from the Apple store (I work on a macbook).

1. For blog photos I take many photos and open them in photoshop then choose the best ones and delete the rest. I save my chosen photos to my desktop and keep them open in photoshop.
2. I then go to the website pixlr.com and click on the pixlr-o-matic page.
3. I then choose what filter I want to use and save it as a copy of the original photo.
4. I open the filtered photo on photoshop (tutoria.jpg).
5. Then in the side bar on photoshop under the 'open files' tab I make sure I am clicked on the original unedited photo, then drag the filtered photo on top of the original photo.
6. Now I'm working on the original photo (background) file with two layers, the original photo and the filtered photo.
7. I click on the filtered photo layer and change the opacity to 50%.
8. I then click on the original photo layer.
9. Then click on the 'enhance' tab at the top.
10. Then the 'adjust colour' tab and then 'adjust colour curves' tab.
11. It will then open a new window and I click on the 'increase midtones' tab and press ok.
12. Then save the new photo and upload that to my blog.

Hopefully that wasn't too complicated for you, I'm not that good at describing things and if you're not familiar with photoshop this probably will seem like its in a different language. The reason I edit my photos is because I really like the 'dreamy' effect it gives, I edit every photo I put on here even photos of make up because it matches my blog and theme and I want consistency through out, it bothers people when I edit swatches of make up because it doesn't give a true representation of the colour but you can easily google swatches of that product if you really want to see the true colour. I don't just stick with the filter from pixlr as sometimes it makes the photos look quite dark but when I put it on photo shop and decrease the opacity it gives a really nice hue over the top of my photos. If you have any other questions just let me know!

11 October 2012

hidden treasures

leather jacket - zara
jumper - river island
t-shirt - french connection
leggings - miss selfridge
scarf - scarf stall in the metrocenter
shoes - dorothy perkins (old)

I totally forgot I had this scarf, I got it years and years ago from a stall in the metro centre, at the time I bought 3 colours, this purple one a blue one and a pinky redy one, and I still love them, I think they're so unique, I've never seen anything like them in high street shops. I found it in my wardrobe when I was looking for gloves this morning before leaving the house, it is sooooo cold on a morning but because the sky is clear it ends up becoming quite hot on an afternoon and I have all these layers on basically hiking back and forwards to school, its very unpleasant. I can't wait for really cold days. I also found these boots in the spare shoe cupboard in my house, I don't even remember buying them! They are what I've been looking for in shoes for a while, nice ankle boots with gold studs, though I doubt finding these has cured my need for these boots! I am so close to 500 followers on GFC and I can't stress enough how thankful I am! Its crazy to think 500 people like to read my blog! I will be doing a give away when I get to 500 followers but I haven't got a clue what the prize is going to be, so please help me and comment below any suggestions on what you might like to win.

10 October 2012

models own sale purchases

(l - r) grace green, true blue, purple grey, purple passion, red red wine

Models Own reached 100k likes on facebook so to celebrate they had a 50% off sale, so as the nail polish addict that I am I bought 5 polishes as you had to spend over £25 to get the 50% discount which was quite annoying as I only felt like I needed two buttttt I chose colours that are more suited to autumn and winter, and I am very pleased with them. I think my favourites are 'red red wine' and 'purple passion', red red wine is so gorgeous its quite dark and vampirery, perfect for halloween and to keep in with the oxblood trend. Did you resist the Models Own sale or did you go crazy when you heard about the 50% off?

9 October 2012

stila one step brightening serum

stila one step brighting serum - £24

I bought this on the plane home from Menorca as I had been after it for ages but never felt the need to spend £24 on it, and as it was cheaper on the plane I thought why not. It is a face primer which brightens up your whole skin. It has 3 different coloured serums inside of it which creates an amazing spiral effect in the bottle, the green colour reduces redness, the lavender counteracts shallow undertones and the peach brightens your skin and helps deminish the appearance of sun spots. It defiantly does what it says on the bottle and some times if I'm having a good skin day this is all I will wear on my face. It helps to over all brighten your skin and helps to keep your foundation and face make up on all day when ever I forget to put this on before my make up I can just see my skin looks dull and my make up doesn't stay on half as long as it does with this underneath it. I use about as much as is shown on my hand in the photo above for all of my face, you don't need much but it doesn't really go that far. I concentrate it under my eyes and around my cheeks and on my T zone as thats where needs brightened and help with keeping make up on. I apply it with my fingers in the same way as you would apply moisturiser. I really recommend this as a face primer and I think if you are to buy one you should invest in a good one as it can completely change the way your make up looks on your face.

8 October 2012

michael kors purse

i can't find a link to my exact purse but my parents got it from fenwicks in august 2012 for reference

Michael Kors is fastly becoming my favourite designer, ever since my cousins bought bags from him a few years ago and when I spotted my love in January last year, I was lucky enough to get it for my 18th birthday this year. My parents also bought me this purse for my birthday to go with my bag and I love it so much! I love taking it out of my bag and just looking at it (creepy) but the colour is so vibrant and lovely I can't help but look at it. It is minimalistic with only a classic Michael Kors gold label on the front and a gold zip around the whole purse. It has a total of 8 card compartments for my many nando's loyalty cards. It has two larger compartments for notes and a zipped compartment for coins. Compared to many purses I have had it probably is the easiest to open and get money out of as there are no flaps with press studs or anything like that, just a simple zip for easy impulse buying! 

If you would like to see my Michael Kors bag in the flesh (almost) I can do a post on it too.

7 October 2012

diy - untangleable ear phones

My ear phones ALWAYS get tangled in my bag or pocket and its so annoying when you want to listen to music walking home from school and by the time you've untangled them you're over half way home. By wrapping thread around your head phones in a 'chinese stairway' pattern they'll never tangle again!

you'll need earphones and embroidery thread (i used anchor's multi coloured thread in rose (1320), flame (1315) and iris (1325))

1. Secure your headphones on a flat surface with masking tape. Tie a standard knot around your head phones with a piece of embroidery thread that is twice the length of your headphones.
2. To start the pattern, take the thread that is on the right hand side and put it under your headphones, then over the left piece of thread.
3. Then take the thread that is on the left and put it over headphones and into the loop that is on the right. If my explanation of how to do this is to confusing, go onto youtube and search how to do the chinese staircase.
4. Continue step number 3 and you should have something looking like this. You always have to start on the right as the pattern will not twirl around if you do it left to right.
5. This is optional and I wish I had just stuck with the same colour but if you want to change colour or add more thread cut the ends with about an inch left sticking out and coat the ends in clear nail polish. This will stop them fraying and make it easier to braid over.
6. Tie a loose standard knot slightly above the end of the last pattern and as you tighten it slowly bring it down to where the last knot ended.
7. As shown here.
8. Repeat step 2 and 3, including the ends of the other colour in with the headphones so they're not sticking out. And do this until you get to the end of your headphones and tie them off with a standard knot again then you're done.


5 October 2012

lilac wine

denim shirt - h&m
cardigan - h&m
disco pants - rive island
necklace - forever 21
nails - nails inc - paris
shoes - converse

For outfit posts I was going to originally show you all outfits that were a bit out of my comfort zone and more 'trendy' but when ever I did that, I never felt comfortable posting them and most of the outfits I wouldn't actually wear outside of the house. So I've decided I'm going to show you all my actual style, and as this is not a fashion blog I don't feel the need to show really trendy outfits. I have deleted many past outfit posts and left the ones that are actually my style and that I would feel comfortable wearing. So as of now all I'm going to be wearing in outfit posts are probably jeans and a top as thats what I feel comfortable in. I do add jewellery and things like that so hopefully they're not too boring. I some times post photos of my outfits on instagram, so if you want to see more regular photos of my style don't forget to follow me on there (@sophief0ster).

As some of you may know I entered the Travel Supermarket 'beauty and the beach' competition a couple of weeks ago, and the winners were announced on their twitter page this week, there were 4 winners, a winner out of each category (hair, make up and nails) and then a winner who had the best of all looks. Andddd you'll never guess what....... I won the hair category!!! The prize is £500, which is actually unbelievable, I am so happy and grateful! I'm not sure what to spend the money on yet, I want to spend it wisely, I don't want to just waste it (like I usually do with my money), if I do figure out what to buy with it I will be sure to let you all know!

Speaking of competitions I am almost at 500 GFC followers and when I get there I will be having a giveaway! So if you could all spread the word that would be greatly appreciated. Also if you would be able to leave a comment on what types of things you'd like to see in the giveaway, because I haven't got a clue what you's might like to win!

Last but not least, I have made a youtube account and will soon be making videos! The reason I've waited this long is because I didn't want to make videos when I still had my brace on, and now its off I can finally start making them. So don't forget to subscribe to me on there too and you'll be the first to see when I post my first video!

1 October 2012

september favourites

yankee candle - seasons blessings, oral b - 3D white, collection 2000 - lasting perfection, benefit - they're real, lola - colour 002, stila - one step primer

Yankee Candle - My cousin Jessica got me this and its just the most perfect autumn scent, I have been burning it like crazy this month and its still got loads left! It smells like grapes and blue berries, it makes my room smell of the candle straight away, its a very strong scent but I love it. 

Oral B tooth paste - Quite a strange favourite but I got my brace off in the middle of this month and couldn't wait to start whitening my teeth. I've been using this ever since and I really think it is whitening my teeth. I can't wait to get my hands on the Crest white strips too!

Collection 2000 concealer - I ran out of my Benefit erase paste and I didn't want to go and spend another £20 on it so I thought I'd give this a try since many people say its really good, and I have to agree, sometimes I don't even have to put foundation or powder on because I feel like it makes my skin look like porcelain! It defiantly doesn't rub off as easily as the erase paste and it doesn't crease under my eyes which is great.

Benefit they're real mascara - I was a bit weary about this mascara when it first came out because I had tried the Benefit bad gal lash and it didn't do anything for my eyelashes and they claimed it was a really good mascara, so I was reluctant to try this as they said it was the best mascara ever invented. But my mum bought the full sized version and gave me the free sample and I am so glad I tried it, I love it, it makes my eyelashes really long and super dark.

Lola blush - This blush hasn't been off my face since I bought it, I got it on holiday and it is the perfect colour and it is really great quality. Click here to see my review.

Stila primer - I also bought this on holiday kind of on a whim, I had heard things about it but never looked in great detail at it. But it is a primer for your face, it has brightening qualities in it and the three colours help to even out your skin tone. It helps keep my make up on for longer and just makes my skin  look and feel better. Review coming soon.

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