24 October 2012

first ever youtube video & every day make up #3

(all products used are listed in the description bar on my video)

I have finally, made my first youtube video!!! I am so scared its still on private at the moment but by the time this post is up you all will hopefully be able to see it! I keep rewatching it and just cringing at the sight of me haha! I'm not speaking in it or anything but its still so strange to watch myself! Though I've wanted to do this for a while so I may as well give it a try! Its just a video showing how I do my every day make up at the moment, I don't wear much these days because I usually can't be bothered to do anything fancy. I can't wait to film a video showing you all my bunnies though they're hilarious to watch (at least I think so). It took me a while to figure out where to film as my room comes off on camera as quite dark, I think I have figured out where to film but I could be moving around in the next videos. Anyways heres a link to the video (omg omg omg). Please like, comment and subscribe it would make me feel much better!

I made 500 followers last week and I will be doing a giveaway very soon, I am hoping to buy the giveaway prize tomorrow so if you have any ideas of what I can buy please comment below and let me know! I hope you enjoy my first every video eeeee scary stuff!


  1. i really enjoyed the video, it was great, especially for your first one, I'm also sort of deciding whether to take on youtube or not, but really that was good :) xx


  2. I thought this was great you had no reason to worry! Sophie at Sophie Rose x

  3. Just watched your video and subscribed! You should definitely do more! x

    Could you check out my blog? :)

  4. Just watched the youtube videos! They were really good and useful. Your skin looks flawless! x



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