11 October 2012

hidden treasures

leather jacket - zara
jumper - river island
t-shirt - french connection
leggings - miss selfridge
scarf - scarf stall in the metrocenter
shoes - dorothy perkins (old)

I totally forgot I had this scarf, I got it years and years ago from a stall in the metro centre, at the time I bought 3 colours, this purple one a blue one and a pinky redy one, and I still love them, I think they're so unique, I've never seen anything like them in high street shops. I found it in my wardrobe when I was looking for gloves this morning before leaving the house, it is sooooo cold on a morning but because the sky is clear it ends up becoming quite hot on an afternoon and I have all these layers on basically hiking back and forwards to school, its very unpleasant. I can't wait for really cold days. I also found these boots in the spare shoe cupboard in my house, I don't even remember buying them! They are what I've been looking for in shoes for a while, nice ankle boots with gold studs, though I doubt finding these has cured my need for these boots! I am so close to 500 followers on GFC and I can't stress enough how thankful I am! Its crazy to think 500 people like to read my blog! I will be doing a give away when I get to 500 followers but I haven't got a clue what the prize is going to be, so please help me and comment below any suggestions on what you might like to win.


  1. I'm not normally a fan of scarves, but that is just lovely x

  2. I love your jumper and shoes! Need to find me some boots like that, just got rid of all my old pairs. I hate that, when it's freezing in the morning but then it gets warmer.

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  3. That scarf looks awesome with you outfit and I love your jumper! x

  4. Lovely jumper! It's be great if you gave away something which represents your personality, so I thought models own nail polishes or rio nail art pens! Xoxoxo

  5. wow that scarf is gorgeous! x

  6. Love your outfit, especially the jumper and jacket. Nice scarf too! x

  7. I love this outfit, mainly because I have the same boots, similar jumeper and leggings ;)
    The scarfs so pretty :)


  8. i love these scarfs , they always look so pretty with loads of different outfits :) Cant wait till it gets colder either !

    Beautiful Dreams

  9. i love the studded jumper!


  10. loving the jumper and the subbtle studs ! xx

  11. That scarf is really unique, goes so well with your outfit :)x

  12. Was actually thinking of getting that jumper myself, I love it! Your hair is so lush like that Sophz

    Jessica xxx

  13. Love the whole outfit!


  14. Your blog is my favourite!
    :) You look beautiful




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