14 October 2012

how i edit my blog photos

I have had a few questions about how I edit my photos and what software I used to enhance them on, so I thought I would do a post on how I do it to show you all how to get he same sort of effect in your own photos. I use the same filter on every photo I post on my blog except instagram photos of course, but I don't mention which one I use this is only because I want to keep my technique some what 'secret' sorry if this bothers any of you. If you're not that familiar with photoshop this might be a bit confusing for you but I've tried to make it as simple as possible. I use photoshop elements 10 it was £70 from the Apple store (I work on a macbook).

1. For blog photos I take many photos and open them in photoshop then choose the best ones and delete the rest. I save my chosen photos to my desktop and keep them open in photoshop.
2. I then go to the website pixlr.com and click on the pixlr-o-matic page.
3. I then choose what filter I want to use and save it as a copy of the original photo.
4. I open the filtered photo on photoshop (tutoria.jpg).
5. Then in the side bar on photoshop under the 'open files' tab I make sure I am clicked on the original unedited photo, then drag the filtered photo on top of the original photo.
6. Now I'm working on the original photo (background) file with two layers, the original photo and the filtered photo.
7. I click on the filtered photo layer and change the opacity to 50%.
8. I then click on the original photo layer.
9. Then click on the 'enhance' tab at the top.
10. Then the 'adjust colour' tab and then 'adjust colour curves' tab.
11. It will then open a new window and I click on the 'increase midtones' tab and press ok.
12. Then save the new photo and upload that to my blog.

Hopefully that wasn't too complicated for you, I'm not that good at describing things and if you're not familiar with photoshop this probably will seem like its in a different language. The reason I edit my photos is because I really like the 'dreamy' effect it gives, I edit every photo I put on here even photos of make up because it matches my blog and theme and I want consistency through out, it bothers people when I edit swatches of make up because it doesn't give a true representation of the colour but you can easily google swatches of that product if you really want to see the true colour. I don't just stick with the filter from pixlr as sometimes it makes the photos look quite dark but when I put it on photo shop and decrease the opacity it gives a really nice hue over the top of my photos. If you have any other questions just let me know!


  1. Thank you this was so helpful Sophie, I didn't knew about the Pixlr website xx

  2. That looks really good - I need to check it out!



  3. This was very helpful! I use photoshop too but I never tried this technique. I'll have to try it next time I edit my photos!


  4. I love Pixlr too, and I agree about their filters sometimes being to dark. I wish they had an option right on their site to play with the opacity.

    I like to edit my photos for the same reasons, I'm with ya girl xx

  5. Never heard of this but looks great, I always struggle with my pictures! X




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