1 October 2012

september favourites

yankee candle - seasons blessings, oral b - 3D white, collection 2000 - lasting perfection, benefit - they're real, lola - colour 002, stila - one step primer

Yankee Candle - My cousin Jessica got me this and its just the most perfect autumn scent, I have been burning it like crazy this month and its still got loads left! It smells like grapes and blue berries, it makes my room smell of the candle straight away, its a very strong scent but I love it. 

Oral B tooth paste - Quite a strange favourite but I got my brace off in the middle of this month and couldn't wait to start whitening my teeth. I've been using this ever since and I really think it is whitening my teeth. I can't wait to get my hands on the Crest white strips too!

Collection 2000 concealer - I ran out of my Benefit erase paste and I didn't want to go and spend another £20 on it so I thought I'd give this a try since many people say its really good, and I have to agree, sometimes I don't even have to put foundation or powder on because I feel like it makes my skin look like porcelain! It defiantly doesn't rub off as easily as the erase paste and it doesn't crease under my eyes which is great.

Benefit they're real mascara - I was a bit weary about this mascara when it first came out because I had tried the Benefit bad gal lash and it didn't do anything for my eyelashes and they claimed it was a really good mascara, so I was reluctant to try this as they said it was the best mascara ever invented. But my mum bought the full sized version and gave me the free sample and I am so glad I tried it, I love it, it makes my eyelashes really long and super dark.

Lola blush - This blush hasn't been off my face since I bought it, I got it on holiday and it is the perfect colour and it is really great quality. Click here to see my review.

Stila primer - I also bought this on holiday kind of on a whim, I had heard things about it but never looked in great detail at it. But it is a primer for your face, it has brightening qualities in it and the three colours help to even out your skin tone. It helps keep my make up on for longer and just makes my skin  look and feel better. Review coming soon.


  1. I've always wanted a Yankee candle, they sound like they smell amazing. Each scent I've read about sounds beautiful.
    The Stila primer is literally at the top of my wishlist right now, it seems like it would be a great holy grail product for everyday.

  2. My favourite Yankee candle is the vanilla cupcake one ! Its amazing! X

  3. i really want to get the candle. and i want to get the toothpaste when i get my braces off :) x

  4. That candle sounds amazing :) X

  5. never thought i'd write this but this toothpaste sounds fantastic ! x

  6. aaah my braces are coming off at the end of this month too woop woop. i bought a whitening tooth paste to use when my braces came off which seems like forever ago, i can't wait to actually start using it soon. i'll be buying plenty of teeth whitening products when they're finally off.
    i need to get my hands on a yankee candle, i could do with one for a candle lit bath now the bathroom lights aren't working haha.


  7. I love Yankee , can't wait for the Christmas ones! xx



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