9 October 2012

stila one step brightening serum

stila one step brighting serum - £24

I bought this on the plane home from Menorca as I had been after it for ages but never felt the need to spend £24 on it, and as it was cheaper on the plane I thought why not. It is a face primer which brightens up your whole skin. It has 3 different coloured serums inside of it which creates an amazing spiral effect in the bottle, the green colour reduces redness, the lavender counteracts shallow undertones and the peach brightens your skin and helps deminish the appearance of sun spots. It defiantly does what it says on the bottle and some times if I'm having a good skin day this is all I will wear on my face. It helps to over all brighten your skin and helps to keep your foundation and face make up on all day when ever I forget to put this on before my make up I can just see my skin looks dull and my make up doesn't stay on half as long as it does with this underneath it. I use about as much as is shown on my hand in the photo above for all of my face, you don't need much but it doesn't really go that far. I concentrate it under my eyes and around my cheeks and on my T zone as thats where needs brightened and help with keeping make up on. I apply it with my fingers in the same way as you would apply moisturiser. I really recommend this as a face primer and I think if you are to buy one you should invest in a good one as it can completely change the way your make up looks on your face.


  1. This ALWAYS catches my eye, it sounds so fab. I'd certainly only buy it if I go away.


  2. it looks so pretty in the bottle haha ! x



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