17 November 2012

nailedit uk

*this is a guest post*

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Nail art has become an essential accessory to any outfit. With celebrities like Rita Ora, Rihanna and Zoey Deschanel all rocking the trend, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to hop on board!

When I’m doing nail art I personally think of the nail as a mini canvas, so I always like to challenge myself with wild and intricate designs. However if you don’t have the time, patience or a steady hand, sometimes you find yourself having to leave it up to a friend or a professional. But what if you don’t have the extra money to travel to a salon and pay £25+ for a full nail art manicure or a talented friend to do it for you? Introducing your new online savour, all hail www.nailedituk.com Yes girls your prayers have been answered and you can finally get on trend nail art delivered to your door, without having to hire a personal manicurist! NailedIt UK started back in September this year, with an aim to deliver nail art inspired by the hottest fashion trends, ready to buy worldwide on false nails. Now you’re probably thinking ‘oh god not false nails’...well put that thought out of your head, because these are no ordinary talons. Forget those extra long tacky false nails, and fall in love with comfortable, wearable nails! Ours are of medium length, and for no extra cost you can even have them cut down to an extra short length!

At NailedIt UK we understand there are a lot of designs out there, so we make sure our designs team effortlessly with the current fashion trends, and we’re the first ever nail site to even have our own trend gallery to help you out! http://www.nailedituk.com/trend-gallery But why should you choose us over other sites? Well we’ve already received 10 official blog reviews, secured a permanent regular article space on 2 top fashion websites and we’re the first ever designers to be launching a nail wrap collection with new LA brand www.goscratchit.com We also believe having a great nail design means nothing if it doesn’t last, so we coat each nail with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – customers have claimed their nails have lasted up to 12 days with not a chip in site! Plus if you use adhesive nail tabs you can even re use the nails. Oh and did I mentioned we’re featured in the December issue of Marie Claire in their Christmas Wish List?

So ladies now you can embrace this growing nail art trend the easy way, sets start from just £10, and go up to £20 if you want to design your own set. Our prices are based on our quality, and after all wouldn’t you rather pay a couple of pounds more and get your hard earned moneys worth? So this Christmas rock one of our funky Christmas sets or get some as gifts. Go on, you deserve the celebrity treatment!

Oh and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nailed_ituk and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/NailedItUK?ref=stream to find out about our latest products, discounts and competitions!!

Lucy – owner at NailedIt UK

I absolutely love all of NailedIt's designs, they're all on trend and are the perfect length for anyone to wear! They are currently having a huge seasonal sale and all nails start at just £7.99 with free UK first class postage, which is amazing for good quality on trend nails art. - Sophie

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