28 November 2012

you can't step in the same river twice

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Ok so every time I have exams coming up I post a blog post saying, 'I'm leaving to study real hard, see you soon!" This is kind of one of those posts, but not quite as I always post it and the day after I will post a beauty review and just give in to temptation and want to blog loads when really I should be revising. So its basically just me saying maybe I'll be blogging, maybe I won't, I am not promising either way, its just kind of a warning to if I do resist temptation as an explanation as to where I am. I probably will post some instagram photos like this or just a quick review if I can't stop myself. If I didn't blog, I would actually not have a hobby, I don't go out or anything like that, I just basically stay in and play with my bunnies or surf the web for hours on end. So if I didn't blog I would be able to get a lot more revision in and maybe in January I will pass my biology exams!

I will not be doing youtube videos until after January as they take too much time and effort when I should be doing other more productive things. I will be finished sixth form in January so after that I won't have anything at all to do so I will be able to get into youtube etc. I don't feel comfortable on camera at the moment because of my weight, and I know thats stupid but I lost 2 stone in 2011 and haven't really kept up with the good eating and have put a bit of that back on and I just want to loose that weight and a bit more before I commit to showing my face on camera all the time. I will not be giving up instagram or twitter so you can follow me if you don't want to miss out on hearing about my extraordinary life and me in general (@sophief0ster). So I'll see you soon, or maybe January xoxo

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  1. I'm totally going to have to borrow that Disney album from you, I wanted it too haha! I love your eyebrows and your lips and your hair and your generic face in the first photo, very pretty.

    PS. thanks for the shoutout!

    Jessica xo

  2. Your nails are awesome. Totally understand about the wholestudying thing, education comes first! x

  3. Great photos, I love the Kate Moss lipstick on you :) I know how you feel about work, my uni work is so hectic :(


  4. Good luck with your exams honey! (p.s. will watch that Miley video NOW!) xx



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