10 December 2012

christmas decor

Ive never decorated my bedroom for christmas but this year I was inspired by Bethany from macbarbie07 as her room looked so nice and festive with fairy lights and christmas trees all over. I didn't want to go too over board as my room does already look a bit cluttered but here are a few ideas and suggestions for how to decorate your bedroom for christmas.

bedding, throw & cushion - primark

To make the most christmasy impact in a bedroom is to have christmas themed bedding, this bedding is from primark it was £16, which I think is a bit over priced for primark as mine had a rip in the stitching and its a really thin material, but I love the fair isle pattern it has and that its not too in your face. I also got the matching throw which was £5 which I think is much more reasonable for primark quality! Although saying that it is a really soft material but it is a lot smaller than other primark throws I've had in the past, it doesn't even cover my bed fully. I really wanted christmas themed cushions to put on my bed as I think they make it feel more cosy and comfortable, I did want more than one but primark only did two versions and the red one was the one I liked best. I want some more christmas themed cushions but I haven't been able to find anywhere that sells them, if you know where sells nice ones please leave it in a comment below.

glitter stag - paper chase £4.75

As my room is mainly pink I wanted to stick to that theme so I bought from Paperchase a stag ornament, it is so pretty and completely different to any other stag ornaments I've seen. Little ornaments are really nice to add colour and festiveness into any room with out it being too obvious that its for christmas. 

neon pink christmas tree - paper chase £8.50

The most obvious way to make your room christmasy is to have a christmas tree. Mine is a neon pink one from Paper chase, I usually wouldn't go for neon pink or any artificial colour for christmas but I really like mine and it fits into my room really nicely, I don't think mine looks too tacky (hopefully) so I think I can get away with it.

100 glass baubles - paper chase £10

I decorated my tree with these mini baubles from Paper chase, I even think they look so pretty just sitting in the box. I did just want to get plain coloured baubles, like all gold or silver but I couldn't really find nices ones that I liked so I just went for the multi coloured ones and I think they work really well on my tree. 

20 mini stars - £4.00, gold tree topper - £2.50

In between the baubles I hung these mini star decorations and topped the tree off with a gold star.

yankee candle christmas memories sample box - £19.99

My mum bought me and my brother one of these Yankee Candle christmas samplers as an extra advent calendar, there are 12 different christmas scents for you to burn and each one smells delicious. Its a great way to try all the different scents with out committing to buying one big candle.

I burn them in this silver candle holder which I got last year from a local garden centre, I cut the name of the candle out and stick it on the side of the holder so I remember which one I'm burning incase I really like it and want to buy the larger version.

20 mini christmas tree lights - primark £2.50

When I saw these lights in primark I didn't really think much of them, I didn't think they would work at all and for £2.50 they must be really bad quality, but I was wrong. They are so nice when they are switched on, I have them around the top of my wardrobe and round one of my mirrors.

I hope you liked this post and maybe got a few ideas on how to decorate your room for christmas, if you have done a post like this please link it below I would love to read it!


  1. Gorgeous! I have Primark bedding and its surprisingly good quality! I might pick up those lights too xx

  2. Love this post, your room looks really pretty!


  3. Aww your room's so cute and festive! My bedroom has a blue colour scheme so it's really had to make it Christmassy so I'm really jealous!xx


  4. Your bedroom is beautiful Sophie! And I absolutely love the little Christmas tree! xx

  5. Such a cute room - it's so pretty with all the decorations :)

  6. Looove this! So fun and comfy! Awesome that you're getting into the holiday spirit!

  7. So cute and very Christmassy! I love the decorations you got from paperchae, I would have never have thought about going their for decorations, may have to try it now and see what they have! xo

  8. these are so cute, i love the bedding and the neon christmas tree!

    Imogen <3

  9. I love everything here. The baubles look so pretty! xx

  10. Love everything! great idea to put lights around your door, might have to copy you on that haha :)


  11. Aw it looks so cute! I really wanted a neon tree from paperchase, but ended up getting a fluffy one that lights up. I love a good bit of chirstmas decor!

  12. I love what you have done with your room for Christmas, so cute! I have also bought so many of the Yankee Christmas candles and so far I have loved all of them! x



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