3 December 2012

november favourites

kate moss 107 / ren day cream / ren eye cream / models own indian ocean / maxfactor foundation / downtown abbey / rimmel stay matte powder / blistex relief cream / clinique smouldering plum blusher

Kate Moss 107 - Rimmel released some amazing matte lipsticks this month and my favourite out of all of them is the colour 107, it is a gorgeous deep purple/plum colour and looks amazing for autumn. I haven't been any where to wear the colour completely opaque in its full glory as it is very dark but I have been dabbing a little bit onto my lips and using it quite like a stain to give a supple vampy look.

Ren Day Cream / Eye Cream - I have heard lots of things about Ren skin care but as it is so expensive I've never tried any of it, I saw a magazine (can't remember which) had 3 Ren skin care products as freebies so I thought I'd give them a go and I'm so glad I have. The day cream gives just the right amount of moisture to your skin with out it looking greasy and the eye cream is amazing, I defiantly think it has reduced my under eye circles.

Models Own Indian Ocean - I bought this a while ago and found it in my draw the other week with the cellophane still wrapped around it, so I gave it a test and bam hello new favourite nail varnish! This over OPI's 'whats with the cattitude' is perfect, its like wearing mermaids on your nails.

Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation - This was recommended to me by my friend as I needed a new foundation as my Benefit hello flawless foundation is too dark for me now its winter. This is a primer, concealer, and foundation all in 1 and only putting this on my face in the morning feels much better than putting it all on separately. Because of the primer the formula is really soft, almost as soft as the Smashbox photo finish primer. I have the colour beige and it is perfect for my skin right now. It stays on for hours and leaves my face matte and lovely all day.

Downton Abbey - I bought season 1 of Downton Abbey at the beginning of November as it was on sale in HMV for £8 and I had been meaning to start watching it for ages. I watched the first episode and fell in love, I immediately went out and bough season 2 and 3 and my mum and I watched it back to back for about 2 weeks and we've now watched every episode, its unbelievable.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Along with the Maxfactor foundation this creates the most perfectly flawless finish on your face, no oil escapes this baby.

Blistex Relief Cream - My lips have been really sore and cracked because of the colder weather, and whenever I apply this it is instant relief, it is a cream formula which moisturises and heals your lips with out that horrible tingling feeling most lip balms give.

Clinique Smouldering Plum Blusher - This is the perfect winter berry colour that looks great with pale skin.


  1. I feel so behind on the Downton Abbey front. I really need to get into it. Here's hoping it's in my stocking this Christmas morning (:


  2. Great post!! xx


  3. I've be thinking about trying Downtown Abby, it's not normally my thing but I might give it a go :-)



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