17 December 2012


hat - h&m
shirt - new look
jumper - fridays project
jeans - topshop leighs
coat - fashion union (gftd)
collar tips - new look
lips - mac - creme cup

A while ago I was kindly sent this coat from Fashion Union and I completely forgot to post about it when I got it. It is an extremely warm military styled coat and I am obsessed with it, I wear it almost every day, it keeps me so warm and I always get compliments on it when ever I wear it. I finally found some cheap collar tips last Saturday from New Look, they look so good and they were only £3.99 compared to most I've seen which are £10+! I think I'm going to try and fit a nail tutorial in of how I did my nails, so if you would like to see how I did them keep an eye out for that with in the next week.

You might be able to tell, that I've had my hair ombred. I got it done two weeks ago ish. My cousin Stacey did it for me, she dyed the top part of it darker and I later bleached the ends myself but you cant really tell much difference on the ends. I have a post drafted about how we did it, if you want to see how I did it I can post that for you all but if not I might just leave it until the next time I do my hair because I don't think its really noticeably ombred right now.


  1. Love this outfit! The coat is lovely and your hair looks really good too:)xo

  2. The title of this post made me think of this
    You know what it means to me!
    Sing it!
    You know how the rest goes,lol.
    My prayers go out to those poor victims too, RIP.

  3. love the pattern of the jumper, and its colour too! :)

  4. everything about this outfit is perfect x

  5. Love this outfit, and love your blog, new follower! :) and your hair is absolutely gorgeous!! xx

  6. This coat is gorgeous! I lovee your blog, now following :) xx



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