30 May 2012


shirt - topshop & diy studs
vest top - sara
leather jacket - zara
rings - topshop
socks - topshop
shoes - fenwicks

This outfit is quite a contrast to the last outfit I posted just the other day, the weather was rubbish today so I've had to go back to layers boo! I sunbathed all day Sunday and Monday and accidentally got really burnt and it killed! I was so hot, you could feel the heat off my skin it was that bad! Luckily I turned a really nice brown so all is well. I also got bit all over my face and arms by midges, I absolutely hate the things! They always bite me every summer, I must be so tasty they can't get enough of me! My face feels really swollen and itchy :( Does anyone have any little remedies to get rid of the bites or to take away the itchiness? I usually am allergic to the bites and come up in rashes and all that fun stuff so if you know anything to stop this please let me know!

Enough taking about skin... you may have noticed the badge to the right hand side on my blog 'sign the petition' I would really appreciate it if you could just click on it and sign your name to help ban animal testing. This is something really close to my heart and I feel strongly about this! We need to get animal testing scrapped, I would love your help so please take two minutes out of your day to sign it and spread the word!

Ooo I also got my hair done today! You can't really tell since I have my hair tied up but my roots are finally gone! I'm really happy with the colour and cut, she barley cut anything off it so I'm super happy because I'm trying to grow it as long as a mermaid's! I tied my hair up because I didn't like the way she dried it, they never dry it to how I like it, I always feel like I want to tell them to just let me go home with wet hair and I'll dry it myself! Anyways, hope you're all ok and don't forget to sign the petition!


29 May 2012

bourjois magic nail polish remover

bourjois magic nail polish remover - £4.99

You have all probably heard about or seen this nail polish remover on blogs recently but I had to share this with you incase you haven't. As you may know I am always changing my nail colour and painting my nails at least 4 times a week, it used to be such a hassle to take off my nail polish and I would always avoid red nail polish because the colour would bleed onto my skin when I removed it. Bourjois have created a 'magic' and it really is magic, nail polish remover which takes the hassle away from removing nail polish. It is in a tub with a sponge inside soaked with nail varnish remover, the sponge has a small hole in it which you dip each finger into. It claims to take nail polish off in 1 second but I'd say it takes it off in at least 5 seconds, a bit longer for glitter nail varnish but still much faster than regular nail polish remover. It doesn't make the nail polish colour come off onto you fingers it stays all on the sponge, it is perfect for glitter nail polish, as it is a sponge you don't get any of the cotton pad fluff coming off onto your nails and making it harder to remove. I don't know why any one didn't come up with this idea of using a sponge years ago because its so much easier! It smells much nicer than normal nail varnish remover, much less harsh and chemically. It has a red fruit and vanilla fragrance which stays on your nails after it has dried, it has almond oil extracts in it too which leaves your nails soft and nourished. I can't praise it enough, its defiantly something worth buying if you're a nail varnish junkie like me.


28 May 2012

animal ombre nail art tutorial

opi - base coat & strawberry margarita, models own - blooboo, lilac dream, fuzzy peach, sally hansen mega shine, rio nail art pen - black, make up sponge

I saw this nail art design on the WAH nails website and knew I had to try them, I have always wanted to try the 'ombre' type nail colour but I never knew how to do it, so I turned to the WAH nail art book to teach me and its really easy.

001. Paint your nails two contrasting colours. (opposite ends of the colour spectrum)
002. Get your make up sponge wet and squeeze out the execs water, brush a little bit of purple nail polish onto the sponge and gently dab it onto the tips of your nails, concentrating it at the very tips.
003. Brush pink nail polish onto the sponge and dab it onto the middle part of your orange nails.
004. With a nail art pen start to draw zebra lines on the orange nails.
005. Drop spots of orange polish onto the blue and purple nails.
006. Draw round the orange spots with a nail art pen and add random lines and dots around the nail and finish with a top coat when the nails have completely dried.

If you give this design a go, you can send me a photo of them on twitter, I would love to see your version!

27 May 2012

benefit wish list

When ever I pass a Benefit counter I always eye up these products, Benefit is my favourite make up brand and if I had the money I would buy all of these products without thinking. I have been lusting most of these products for ages, I don't think I am able to resist anymore.

26 May 2012

hawaiian air

playsuit - h&m
denim jacket - topshop
belt - new look
socks - topshop
peace bracelet & head chain - hand made

(excuse my roots, goodness me)

23 May 2012

everyday make up #2

garnier bb cream, new <id translucent loose powder, benefit hoola bronzer (contour), benefit powder pot dandelion (blusher), urban decay brow pot, benefit erase paste, benefit creaseless cream shadow in rsvp, mac eyeshadows in crystal avalanche and satin taupe, l'oreal super liner, rimmel london kohl eye pencil in white, maybelline falsies flared mascara.

22 May 2012

wah nails - drippy nail art tutorial

opi - base coat, jessica - soak up the sun, models own - wah nail art pen, sally hansen - mega shine

(i apologise for my nasty plaster!)

I finally got my hands on the WAH nail art book and the one I have been most keen to try was this drippy design, I thought it would take ages and be really hard but it only took me like 5 minutes on each hand! You don't need to worry about having a steady hand for this one because it looks better the messier it is.

001. Paint your nails pink and allow it to completely dry.
002. Start to outline the drips with a black nail art pen, making each pattern different on every nail to make a more unique design. Add little dots of black coming off the drips randomly on some nails.
003. Fill in the drips and the tips of your nails with the black polish.
004. Finish with a shine enhancing top coat to protect the design.

I will be trying many more designs from in the book so if you want me to do a tutorial on any one I will have a try and post it for you, just leave a comment below of which one you would like to see most and I will do it asap!

19 May 2012

i'm still here

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Wow, I didn't realise how many photos there are here, this is basically my life since spring break. I have been trying my best to revise for exams but, I can not concentrate at all these days! And when theres a better offer like going to see Jonny Depp on the big screen how could I resist?! 

9 May 2012

models own x headkandi

models own headkandi - ibiza mix, hedonist, balearic cool, beach party, disco heaven (£5 each)

As you all probably know, I'm obsessed with models own nail polishes, and when these came out I had to get the complete set! I absolutely love the colours of them, they're so neon and bright, they are perfect for summer which was their intention. They created 5 nail polishes intended for hot summer holidays, and I will defiantly be taking these on my holiday with me! They are perfect for beachy holidays or any kind of holiday that will involve hot weather and you getting a tan!

models own - hedonist

Hedonist is a gorgeous neon coral, it is the least harsh out of the three colours. The formula is almost the same as normal models own polishes, just a bit thinner, I only needed 2 coats of this to get a opaque cover. This is the only one that drys to a matt coat, its not too matt but not as shiny as usual polishes, though this is easily fixed with a top coat of mega shine. I would say this was my favourite of all of them as it is probably the colour that you can wear on a daily basis with out anyone getting a shock when they took a look at your nails.

hedonist with disco heaven (l) & ibiza mix (r)

models own - balearic cool 

Balearic Cool is a cool (obvs) blue colour and looks lovely with blonde hair! I was really disappointed in the formula of this one as it is very watery and not opaque at all, I had to put 3 coats on to make it look reasonable, and even then I was wanting to put another coat on. Although the formula isn't up to much the colour is still irresistible.

balearic cool with disco heaven (l) & ibiza mix (r)

models own - beach party

This is my favourite of them all! It is such a perfect neon orange! It isn't too sickly because it is slightly on the peachy/yellow side but I think this would look absolutely amazing with a tan! It is strange that I like such a colour but I think the peachy hue makes it acceptable. I have the colour on now even though its like 10° here and this colour is not made for the English weather! I can't wait to wear this on holiday.

beach party with disco heaven (l) & ibiza mix (r)

models own - disco heaven

Disco Heaven is like the gold version of Juciy Jules this is the perfect polish for me, its gold and glitter! It has small specks of gold, light blue and turquoise glitter in it which makes it unique from any other gold glitter polish I have seen. 

models own - ibiza mix

Ibiza Mix is the hardest to get your hands on out of this collection, everyone seems to like it. It is very similar to OPI's Rainbow Connection and has multi coloured glitter through out it. It looks like a black polish with glitter in but its actually see through.

I love this collection so much, its the definition of summer! I don't like the fact that they're limited edition though, so I might have to go and buy another couple of Beach Party and Disco Heaven to last me my whole life!


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