30 September 2012

autumn nail polishes

(l - r) models own - grey day, models own - nude beige, models own - beccas brown, models own - mixed up, models own - magenta divine, nails inc - paris, nails inc - vine street, opi - meet me on the star ferry, opi - purple with a purpose, opi - romeo and joliet

I have to admit autumn is my favourite season of them all, not only for the crisp mornings and orange leaves, but I love wearing dark colours and dressing warmly and now it is officially autumn, I can't wait to start wearing darker colours on my nails. I absolutely love wearing deep purples and browns as for a while I've been wearing bright pinks and oranges. The two I really recommend buying for this autumn are OPI's 'romeo and joliet' it is a gorgeous dark red with gold shimmers in it and Nails Inc 'vine street' it is a beautiful deep berry purple.

23 September 2012

no nails, no life

This is my 100th post so I thought I'd celebrate that by posting something that nearly takes over my life, nail art. I have been practising nail art for about 3 years now and I love it, people always say I must have a really steady hand to be able to do it but at first I really didn't, it just takes time, patients and practice. It also helps if you have the right tools to be able to create neat designs, I swear by rio nail art pens, you can see my review of them here. I have also been loving the Models Own and WAH nails, nail art pens the bottles are smaller but that makes them easier to control. I love doing nail art, I would paint peoples nails all day if I could. Most of my designs are inspired by WAH nails and Disco nails, I'd love to have my own nail art salon some day I absolutely love it and don't think I'd ever get sick of painting peoples nails. Above are a few of my favourite nail art designs I've done, some of them aren't up to my current standards but thats what practice is for! If you want tutorials on any of them just let me know.

21 September 2012

beauty and the beach

This is my entry for the Travel Supermarket 'beauty and the beach' competition and my favourite hair, make up and nails I wore in the summer time. 

batiste gold shimmer dry shampoo, label m sea salt spray, james brown heat protection

Day time hair - On holiday it was extremely hot so I just wanted to put all my hair up in a bun to keep it off my face and neck. Top knots are very practical and still look super cute. All Miley did to her hair everyday in the summer was wear it in a top knot and it looked really good. I used dry shampoo at the roots to give some volume and then sprayed some sea salt spray on it, so in the evening when I took my hair down it would have a lovely texture. Every day I sprayed heat protection on my hair even if I wasn't using styling tools on it to protect it from the sun.

babyliss curling wand, l'oreal extraordinary oil, moroccan oil hairspray 

Night time hair - If I wasn't washing my hair before going out, I would take my hair down from my bun and my hair would be in lovely beachy waves. I used my babyliss curling wand to curl pieces to frame my face. Sometimes my hair would look frizzy so I put a couple of pumps of hair oil on and it would calm the frizz. I then sprayed it with hair spray and it would stay in place until the next morning.

mac cream blush in lady blush, mac tinted lip conditioner in petting pink, no7 lash and brow protecter, collection 2000 concealer, urban decay brow box, mac mineralised skin finish, cover girl waterproof mascara

Day time make up - In the day time I didn't wear much make up, but I did feel like I needed to fill my eyebrows a little bit because I look strange with out them done. I often burn on my cheeks so to cover that up I used some concealer and powder because as it was hot my face quite often got oily so the powder stopped that a bit. If I was just going to be by the pool I wouldn't wear mascara but if we were going some where I would put a bit of waterproof mascara on and it just made my eyes look wider and made me look a little less tired. I loved wearing MAC's tinted lip conditioner, it has SPF 15 in it so it stopped my lips from burning and still made them look nice.

stila one step primer, mac rubenesque paint pot, collection 2000 concealer, benefit brow zings, mac mineralised skin finish, benefit they're real mascara, mac lipstick in chatterbox, benefit sunbeam

Night time make up - On a night time the only thing I did different to day time is added thicker and darker brows and the Benefit brow zings does this nicely. My favourite lipstick to wear on holiday was MAC's chatterbox, its a gorgeous bright pink and looks really nice with a tan. Benefit sun beam often calmed down any redness off the sun and complemented my tan nicely.

Nails - My favourite nail varnish to wear on holiday was Models Own's beach party, its a neon orange colour and I love it so much I've bought two backup bottles of it incase they stop selling it! For my holiday I wore this nail art all the time, its a palm tree in the sunset, kind of. It looked really good on my nails.


18 September 2012

i'm hip

jumper - zara
jacket - topshop
jeans - topshop
shoes - dr matrten
belt - new look
ring - h&m

I think, I might have possibly, finally found a place to take outfit photos with out having to injur myself in the process. I love my pink glittery wall as a background but my bedroom is just so dark it makes taking blog photos very hard, thats why I've moved to the spare room with a plain white wall for make up posts and stuff. So I'm now taking outfit photos out side of my garage door because I don't think there are any backdrops without trees in around where I live and I don't really want greenery in my photos. I wish I lived in Italy or some where with loads of narrow lush streets, I walked through loads on holiday and I was thinking they'd be perfect for outfit photos but I unfortunately don't live there so I'm going to have to make do with my garage door for the time being.

I don't often wear these boots outside because my family make fun of me when I do. I love them though but find them very hard to style, I feel like I need to wear an all black outfit for them to match.

Lets for a moment appreciate the greatness of Phil Dunphy please, watch this. If you don't watch Modern Family (which you should) you probably don't see how it is so amazing. I've literally had it on repeat since I found it. 

17 September 2012

lola make up by persé - blusher 002

lola blush colour 002 - €9.50 (approx £7.67)

I bought this on holiday in Menorca after seeing loads of girls caring bags with 'LOLA' written on them. I was basically like 'omg spanish make up I need it' so I went on a hunt and found a perfume store that sold it. (See what else I bought on holiday here) I thought I'd get a blusher because I have started to like wearing blushers recently. It is very pigmented so you don't need to put much on, it is a lovely pastely pink colour which can be built up to a very bright pink. I apply it with my real techniques buffing brush and it goes on so smoothly, it blends really well onto your skin and leaves quite a velvety finish. I much prefer the finish to this blush than any other brand I have tried, I wish I had bought more of their products because I absolutely love this and I bet everything else would have been just as good. 

16 September 2012

models own mirror ball collection

(l - r) dancing queen, disco inferno, hot stuff, boogie nights, freak out

Models Own have come out with another amazing nail varnish collection and of course I had to buy them. If you buy the mirror ball collection from their online website you can get the mirror ball set and a 3 in 1 clear polish. So you get 6 nail polishes for only £20, if you were to buy each colour separately you would spend an extra £10. I ordered mine last Monday afternoon when they were realised and they got to me on Wednesday, thats what I love about Models Own they ship 1st class to the UK so you'll get them in a matter of days. When I opened them my jaw dropped, its probably silly to say but they are really beautiful! The glitter is so vibrant and even the bottle caps have a gorgeous tinted mirror look to them.

(l - r) dancing queen, disco inferno, hot stuff, boogie nights, freak out

They are all glitter polishes so they are a clear polish with bits of glitter in them. The glitter isn't like Models Own's other glitter polishes, the glitter in these ones are much bigger pieces of squares, circles and triangle shapes which gives a disco ball effect. The glitter leaves quite a rough texture but this is easily covered by the 3 in 1 clear polish, I would put two coats of the clear polish over the top to make it completely smooth. 

(l - r) dancing queen, disco inferno, hot stuff, boogie nights, freak out - all over models own - snow white

For a subtle effect just apply 1 layer of the glitter but for a bolder effect apply 2 or 3 coats. I probably wouldn't wear the glitter on its own, I would wear it over a coloured nail polish, I think they look really nice over the colour snow white.

(l - r) dancing queen over jade stone, disco inferno over gold rush, hot stuff over sophie's pink, boogie nights over lilac dream, freak out over feeling blue (all models own)

(l - r) dancing queen, jade stone, disco inferno, gold rush, hot stuff, sophie's pink, boogie nights, lilac dream, freak out, feeling blue

The mirror ball polishes look great over different coloured nail varnish too. I think my favourite is the pink combination.

10 September 2012

boohoo fashion blogger challenge

floral kimono - £15 / aztec sandals - £8 / triangle necklace - £8 / grey scallop t-shirt - £3 / berry disco pants - £15 // total - £49

I heard about this blogger competition from fashionvouchers.com and thought it would be silly to pass up the chance to win a £50 voucher to spend at boohoo.com. You have to create an outfit from items on the BooHoo website that doesn't exceed the £50 limit. It is actually quite hard to put an outfit together for under this amount of money and it took me a good couple of attempts to come up with this. I went for an autumn day time look but something a bit more dressy, say if you were going out for dinner or something. Disco pants are the hottest trend right now and these berry colour ones are perfect for autumn, I paired it with a plain grey top with scallop detailing to make the pants the main focus of the outfit, I would tuck the top into the pants to show them off completely and throw over a floral kimono. I love kimonos but I've never actually owned one. I thought the red in the kimono would complement the disco pants. To give the t-shirt a bit more attention I would wear a necklace like this triangle one, the black complements the kimono and gold is my favourite colour jewellery. Lastly I would wear these aztec sandals, they are quite simple but still look smart. What do you think of the outfit I put together? Are you going to enter?

9 September 2012

firmoo.com sunglasses

I was offered by the brand Firmoo to choose a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses from their website to be gifted to me to try out and if I was happy with them I was kindly asked to write a review on their product or feature their product in a post on my blog.

I chose from the firmoo.com website a pair of sunglasses as I don't need any prescription glasses. I chose the full frame wrap around aviator sunglasses in the colour chocolate. The frame looks black in these photos but in real life they are a gorgeous plumy/brown colour. The lenses are tinted a dark blue colour to protect your eyes from UV rays and the sun. The sunglasses come with a hard plastic case and a soft rubbery fabric case, they come with a cleaning cloth and a tool and spare screws incase the legs become loose. I love the shape of these sunglasses, I feel like this shape is best for my face, although they are a bit big for me I feel some what like an Olsen twin when I wear them. The firmoo website has quite a large selection of eyewear which can be used for fashion or medical purposes. If you're a blogger or not a blogger you can get yourself a pair of firmoo glasses for free by clicking here. Firmoo has launched a program offering free eyewear to first time buyers in order to incise people into trying their products, all you have to do is pay the shipping, which converts to £10 to the UK and £10 for a pair of good quality glasses or sunglasses isn't bad. I was surprised with the amount they charge for shipping to the UK but they do come from their manufacturer in China so I suppose its a reasonable amount of money for shipping. I am very happy with my choice of sunglasses and I will be defiantly wearing these with in the next couple of weeks for our supposed 'Indian summer'.

6 September 2012

mac chatterbox lipstick

mac chatterbox lipstick - £14.00

Out of all the lipsticks I own, I'd have to say this one is my favourite, from the texture to the colour everything is perfect. It is a creamy lipstick that doesn't dry out you lips, which is what I usually hate about wearing lipstick. Its staying power is great I find it stays on for quite a while after applying it. The colour is a gorgeous pink and I feel brings out the green in my eyes. I would recommend wearing this lipstick with natural coloured eyeshadows or none at all, bronzy skin and bold eyebrows. Even if you're not wearing any make up, it brings everything in an outfit together. You can dab a little bit on and it will go a long way, it can be worn as a lip stain by dabbing a little bit on and blending it into your lips or you can wear it so it is bold and you can build the colour up to make it brighter. I love it and I can't stop wearing it, even though its almost autumn I think I will still wear this lipstick in autumn because its quite a berry colour that is 'on trend' this season.

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