6 August 2013

bourjois paris - color boost

Bourjois have just recently released some new lipsticks, similar to the Clinique chubby sticks and the Revlon lip stains. When I first saw them in Boots they didn't really catch my eye as I thought they would be like a lipstain I had bought a while ago by Max factor and hated, its was more like a felt tip pen than a lipstick and didn't do anything for me. But I then saw Zoe from Zoella talk about these and they seemed more like a lip balm then an actual stain. So I went ahead and bought the colour Peach on the Beach and Orange Punch the same as Zoe, they are lovely summery colours so perfect to try out now.

The consistency is more of a really soft lipstick but with the shine of a lipgloss and they also feel very moisturising like a lip balm, they are basically three products in one! When you first apply it, it is very opaque and glossy, the glossyness kind of made me feel like it wouldn't actually stay on my lips for long, but I wore Peach on the Beach when I went for lunch with Jessica and totally forgot I had put it on and after a lot of food it was still on my lips! Not as glossy but you could defiantly still see the gorgeous pink colour, so it defiantly did its job of staining my lips! They claim to have a 'bare lip sensation' and I think they do as I totally forgot I had it on, I hate feeling like I have something on my lips which is why I don't wear lipstick very often as if I remember I have it on I cant leave my lips alone and get paranoid that it has smudged all over my face, so the fact that you cant even feel it on your lips is a bonus for me!

Over all I am very happy with these lipsticks and might just go out and buy the other two colours which look equally as lovely! I do hope they come out with more colours soon for autumn because I really want to get into wearing dark lipsticks!

15 July 2013

new bling

My absolute favourite thing to shop for is jewellery, any where I go I am always on the look out for new jewels. My favourite shops for jewellery are Topshop and H&M, they have reasonably priced good quality jewellery and a wide range of choices. I only buy gold jewellery because thats what I prefer and Topshop has great bright gold pieces.

I got these three neon bracelets from Accessorise in the sale for I think about £3, they are gorgeous and really bright, I love anything neon! They are great bracelets to stack with others and they stand out with all their charms and lovely beads!

I also got these bracelets in the Accessorise I really like these small friendship type bracelets and again anything neon! They are really cute and dainty and look great stacked with other bigger bracelets. (Obviously you don't wear them on your fingers but they are the really hard to tie on your own type bracelets and I had no one here to tie them for me)

I have been looking for these gold cuff rings for a while now and I didn't want to pay loads of money for them but I saw these in H&M for only £3.99 and I couldn't beleive it, I was tempted to buy the £10 ones from River Island and I'm so glad I didn't. With the H&M ones you get six smaller rings with them too which is a bonus! They look really cool and they are so effortless.

I have also been looking for thin above the knuckle rings for a while but again not wanting to pay ridiculous prices, then I found some in H&M! I was in the que waiting to pay for the rings above and saw these! I was so happy to find the rings I've been looking for, for weeks in the space of 5 minutes! With this pack you get about 15 rings all different sizes, my favourite are the really small ones, which you can wear above your knuckles. I love to wear them with the cuff rings above.

The last piece of new jewellery I've bought is probably my favourite, I am a sucker for hand chains and just chains in general and when I saw this was in the Rock n Rose sale for only £1!!! I had to get it! It is gorgeous, I feel so exotic when I wear it. It was only £1 for one night and I'm so glad I got it, I would have bought it for its original £10 but still it was such a good deal!

Have you spotted any good jewellery deals recently? Or know of places which do lovely jewellery? Let me know in the comments below! Next on my list are the new Miss Selfridge ear rings, they are sets of about 10 ear rings all different and they are constantly coming out with new ones, I think I'm obsessed with them!

11 July 2013

cruelty free kisses / how to get kissable lips

On Saturday the 6th of July Lush attempted to break the world record of the most lip prints collected in 12 hours in celebration of international kissing day. All the kisses had to be cruelty free as all kisses should be!

In order to get your lips kissable you will need a lip scrub, lip balm and an emotional brilliance lip tint. 

To exfoliate my lips I use the Popcorn lip scrub, it smells and even tastes like popcorn! Its delicious and with a mixture of castor sugar and essential oils does a great job of getting rid of any dry skin on my lips and keeps them feeling super soft. 

To moisturise my lips I use the lip service lip balm, which is a blend of shea and cocoa butter to create a rich creamy balm, it keeps my lips hydrated and ready for lipstick.

I love this lip tint! It is in the colour Charm which is a gorgeous baby pink colour, it is so smooth and moisturising on your lips, its staying power is great and looks really nice and girly. 

Now you have kissable lips go and kiss all your favourite people! 

kisses for Salt <3

8 July 2013

sleek blush by 3 palette - pumpkin

I never used to wear blusher very often as every one I tried were really sheer but ever since purchasing my LOLA blush on holiday last year I haven't stopped wearing it as its a beautiful bright pink colour. Now I love to wear blush, and when I saw this palette by sleek I had to have it. They are all really really bright colours, my favourite is the orange of course, it is called p pie. The pink colour is called squash and the red is lantern. They are all incredibly pigmented but obviously you wont want bright lines in your cheeks which is why they're very blendable, they are quite a silky texture and almost feel like a cream blush when you apply them. Even though they are such bright colours they blend into your skin really well and look quite natural if they are applied lightly. I am obsessed with the orange colour I think it looks gorgeous with a tan, its great for the summer. The red colour, lantern, is a typical china doll colour and creates a lovely rosy colour on your cheeks. The pink, squash, is lovely with paler skin tones and looks beautiful with a matching pink lipstick. Have you ever tried any sleek bushers? I think I need to get another one of these palettes they're so nice!

5 July 2013

easy summer beachy hair

My usual go to hair style is just poker straight hair because it is super easy and I only have to straighten my hair once every wash, but recently I have been getting bored of it and thinking it looks just too plain so I tried my sea salt spray in my hair for the first time in ages and I love the way it looks! I used to only use my sea salt spray on my natural waves but I love what it does to my straight hair. Spraying a little bit through the ends of your hair gives it a really cool messy texture, your hair is still straight but it looks a lot less flat. This look is a really good way to disguise dirty hair, spray a bit of dry shampoo in your roots to get rid of any oiliness and give an extra bit of volume and then spray the sea salt spray in the ends. It is perfect for summer when its hot and you cant be bothered to do much with your hair, but you still want to wear it down and as curls probably would fall out easily in the heat. 


26 May 2013

current daily make up

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer / Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation / Benefit Fake Up Concealer / Rimmel London Stay Matt Powder / Benefit Hoola Bronzer / Lola Blush in Colorete 2 / Nivea Kiss of Recovery Lip Balm / Benefit Brow Zings / Benefit / They're Real Mascara / Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion / Topshop Magic Eyeliner / MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox

When I say 'every day make up' I basically mean 'twice a week make up', I don't wear make up every day because I don't really go anywhere where I feel like I need to make an effort, is that bad? I don't always put as much make up on as I do here sometimes I will skip primer, blusher and eyeliner, it all depends on how much time I have in the morning to get ready, which usually isn't very long. I know I use a lot of high end make up but thats just what I prefer. I have wanted to do an updated make up post for a while now and since I am now making videos I thought I would do it in video form for you all, you can watch the video here and don't forget to subscribe when you are there!

2 May 2013


So I have finally, once and for all plucked up the courage and made my first youtube video! For my first one I wanted it to be interesting so instead of an 'about me' video which people probably don't really want to watch, I did a nail art tutorial. I should be posting videos once a week so leave your requests below and I will add them to my list! Heres the link to the video, don't forget to subscribe while you're there! I hope you enjoy it, I'm so glad I've finally done it!

24 April 2013

benefit fake up hydrating concealer

I have been on the hunt for a good under eye concealer for quite a while as I ran out of erase paste last year, I did then buy the collection 2000 concealer everyone loves but it is too dark for me and I always forget to buy a different colour when ever I'm in boots. I had heard about the new fake up concealer Benefit brought out and never really thought about giving it a go for some reason, even though Benefit are my favourite brand. One of the girls at the Benefit counter asked if she could show me it on my face and explain what it does, so I let her, and as soon as she showed me it under one eye compared to the other I was sold. The concealer has a ring of hydrating eye cream around so it doesn't go on to heavy or thick and at the same time it is working to reduce dark circles and moisturise the skin. I'm the shade light as for under your eyes you need a lighter colour to really reduce the appearance of darkness. I think the reason I haven't bought the collection 2000 concealer again is because it can sometimes look too thick and cakey, but this is just the perfect consistency. It gives the appearance of a full coverage concealer but it really doesn't feel like that on your skin, it feels smooth and silky. It doesn't crease and it lasts for quite a while, but you can easily retouch as the packaging is handy for on the go. The only downside with it is that it seems to smudge my mascara, I haven't tried this yet but I think if I put a little bit of the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer under my eyes it will stop my mascara smudging.

Below is how I apply it;

1. I apply my foundation first to make sure I don't over load my face with concealer as the foundation will cover some of the dark circles.

2. I apply the concealer straight from the stick.

3. Blend it in with a real techniques deluxe crease brush, which is meant for eyeshadow but since I don't wear eyeshadow that much I fid it the perfect brush for blending out concealer under your eyes.

4. As you can see the result is natural and covers my dark areas around my eyes well with out looking too caked on.

Have you tried this yet? Could you recommend a good concealer to cover blemishes?

22 April 2013

bunny care part 1; basic bunny rules

An unbelievable amount of people were excited when I said I was going to be doing a 'bunny care' series on my blog, you all see cute photos of them on my social media sites and I have even made them an instagram account solely to post HD photos of them on, they are my life basically, my day revolves around them and I wouldn't have it any other way!

In this first part of the series I will be talking about basic bunny needs and the correct way to care for them, also a few disclaimers about rabbits in general. I have had rabbits since I was eight years old so I think I'm quite clued up with their complicated personalities although saying that I am still learning things about them everyday so I am not the 'bunny expert' a few people assume I am.

Before even thinking of getting a rabbit watch this video.

Are they low maintenance pets?
A lot of people think rabbits are low maintenance pets, and let me tell you, they are one of the most high maintenance pets you can get. They take a huge amount of commitment and looking after, they can live for 10+ years if cared for properly. They need 'cleaned out' (faeces removed from their house) almost every day. You can litter train them as rabbits are naturally prone to go to the toilet in one corner but this isn't always the case as Poppy goes all over her house. Litter training makes it an easier job for you to clean their hutches and makes it a little bit less smelly. Learn more about how to litter train here

They need at the very least 4 hours of exercise daily, this is basically 4 hours at least out of their hutches, I bring them in the house for a run around in my room or in the dining room. This lets them stretch their legs and have interaction with their 'slave' (me). If it is a nice day outside I will put them in their runs in the garden for some fresh air and a nibble of grass. With 4 bunnies this can take up a lot of time in my day but since they are bonded in pairs they can be out together and this kind of saves time. (How I bonded my bunnies will be in a future post). 

Rabbits are a big commitment so if you get one say goodbye to long holidays. I went on holiday last year and Poppy became very ill as she hadn't seen me for two weeks. Rabbits get very attached to their owners and become very distressed when they haven't seen you for awhile. They went on their holidays to a family friends house who rescues guinea pigs so they were in capable hands but just this change of scenery and no contact with me and their usual routine made them very stressed. 

Are they suitable pets for children?
Again, this is a big misconception about rabbits, rabbits are complicated creatures and need mature adults who know what they are doing to care for them. I got my first rabbit Dusty for my 8th birthday and having him was a big learning curve for me, luckily for Dusty my mum was his main carer, she cleaned him out and fed him in the beginning until I was old enough and mature enough to care for him by myself. There have been horrific stories when parents have left children with rabbits and these horrible children cut the rabbits ears off with scissors!!! Arghh this still makes me so angry that parents would not even supervise their children when around them! Obviously not all children are cruel but it has happened a few times and it is disgusting. Learn more about children and rabbits here.

Rabbits are cute and cuddly?
Rabbits rarely like cuddles and hate being picked up as they don't feel safe when their feet are not on the ground. They are to busy exploring, running, jumping and nibbling things to be cuddled. Although all rabbits are different some are more willing to strokes and kisses. Poppy and Pepper love getting strokes but Peaches and Salt don't so much. 

What is Spaying and Neutering?
Spaying is an operation performed on female rabbits by a vet to remove her womb so she can not have babies, Neutering is the same(ish) operation on males. Spaying and Neutering is highly recommended as it can calm the hormones of rabbits and make them more relaxed, in females this is most important as it prevents them developing cervical cancer or cancer of the womb in their older years. As their hormones are reduced it will reduce the amount of territory marking they do, which is spraying their wee all over your carpets and belongings as they think it is theirs. Learn more about spaying/neutering here.

What do they eat?
A rabbits diet should be made up of mostly hay, and a few veggies and pellets. You should not feed a rabbit mixed muesli type food as it is high in sugar which can cause obesity and dental problems. Here is a great rabbit diet pyramid, which shows what they should eat. Here is a list of safe fruit and vegetables they can eat. Learn more about their diet here.

My rabbits live in a shed in the garden each with their own hutches inside, in a shed they are protected from the wind, rain and snow and any predators around like foxes. When it comes to rabbit houses I think the bigger the better. A rabbits hutch should be wide enough for three hops and tall enough for them to stand up on their back legs and not touch the roof. I have huge hutches for my rabbits (which you will see in my next post) I have two story hutches from Pets at Home, the girls have a hutch from there which I thought was discontinued but theirs are extremely similar to this one. It is very similar to the Rose Cottage which Salt lives in. For housing insperation look here, I have so many ideas of what to improve next for my bunnies! Important housing tips here.

I think that is all the information I will throw at you at the moment, there is still so much I could tell you but if you are seriously considering getting a rabbit I suggest you have a thorough read of my favourite bunny websites;

Thank you so much for reading if you managed to get this far! I hope it helped you and has taught you a bit about rabbits. In my next post I will be taking about my rabbits, how I got them, their breeds, my daily routine with them etc, so look out for that. If you have any other questions or anything you want me to go over in a future post just let me know in the comments or email me sophiefosterblog@live.com and I will be more than happy to help!


21 April 2013

summer wine

jumper - h&m
joni jeans - topshop
socks - topshop
shoes - converse
watch - sabo skirt
necklace - h&m
sunglasses - rayban

I havent done an outfit post in ages as for the past few months my style has been horrific, all I would wear were casual clothes, one time I even left the house in Jack Wills sweatpants and that is like the lowest of the low for me. Most of the time not putting make up on either, I don't know why but I was like "I've got no one to impress so I don't care if I leave the house with greasy hair and no make up". But I think I'm finally getting out of that stage as yesterday the sun was shining and it made me really excited to start trying to dress like a girl again.

I have had my eye on this purple jumper for quite a while now and finally got round to buying it yesterday, now I think its going to be all I wear for the next 3 months. Its so soft and comfy and really vibrant and bright, it cheers me up just looking at it. I am wearing my Joni jeans from Topshop as they are my new favourite pants, they are high waisted and super stretchy, the go with anything. I love wearing these frilly Topshop socks with every outfit, I think I have became quite a sock snob now as the only ones I will wear are from Topshop.

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