18 January 2013

fresh start

I'm finally, officially finished sixth form, for life! I can't tell you how good that feels to say, its silly but I finally feel free and grown up, I'm no longer in school so I can just chill and not worry about exams and homework and all of that horrible stressful stuff. This is kind of like my 1st of january, because I was so focused on exams and revision for the past four weeks I didn't have time to think about resolutions or starting fresh but now I can! I *touch wood* thought my unit 1 exam went really well but I don't think my unit 2 exam went as well as it could have and I was toying with the idea of staying at sixth form and re-sting it in the summer but I don't know if its really worth it, I've been looking forward to this day for such a long time and I don't know if I'm just dragging out the inevitable bad grade and to just suck it up and move on from school, or if I should try one last time to get better? I'm going to think about it over the weekend and talk to my parents to make a decision about what is best for me who knows I could be back at school next week (wahhh).

Anyways, I thought I'd do a kind of 'new years resolutions' post as I never really made any at the beginning of the year and I like making them and I defiantly think there are a few things I need to improve or change about myself this year;

be decisive
This goes along with my decision about staying on at school I can never make a decision very easily and I end up getting really stressed and upset about something that should just be simple. The decisions I get stressed about are usually to do with school and my future. I'm always too scared to stick to one decision incase its the wrong one, so this year I want to take more risks regarding my future and not dither over two paths and stop worrying about things so much.

don't drink as much diet coke/drink more water
I think that in 2012 I must have drank about 1000+ cans of diet coke, it literally became my addiction, and of course it can't be too healthy for my body or teeth so I'm going to try not to drink as many fizzy drinks and opt for water instead.

loose weight
This is probably on everyones to do lists for 2013 but I really just want to get healthier and fitter this year and stick to one steady weight. My weight fluctuates so much its ridiculous. I want to start pilates and maybe yoga in 2013 too to get more flexible and just overall more toned.

learn french
This is a big ask for me and a totally random resolution, I just think it would be super cool to be able to speak another language fluently.

manage my time better
One of my biggest downfalls of 2012 was time wasting, I was wasting time on the internet when I could be doing much more predictive things. I'm going to get my self organised in 2013 and manage my time more effectively, I think making time tables really motivates me to stick to tasks I have to do so I probably will be making a lot of them this year. This paper chase diary will come in handy for that too.

don't waste money/try to save money
If I have money I will spend it, it 'burns a hole in my pocket' as they say and if I see something I like I will usually just buy it, but this year I want to restrain my self and save some money up to maybe treat my self to something really nice like an iPad oooo.

blog more

I think this comes under managing my time better but I'm going to create a blogging timetable or something as thats the only way I can seem to function. I want to get into blogging a lot more this year and create interesting unique content to post, I also want to change my layout a tiny bit and maybe even the name, but the name change has been going on for ages now as I'm so indecisive about everything I just need to make a decision asap!

spend equal amounts of time with each of my rabbits
As some of you may know I have 3 rabbits and the youngest, Pepper, is the one I handle more as she's tiny and really easy to pick up but I don't as often handle my other 2 anymore which makes me feel really guilty and actually really upset. Poppy is such a hassle to get out of her cage as she's so heavy and growls and pounces at me when I try to pick her up but I'm going to have to show her who's boss and that she has to come out for cuddles more often. So I'm going to alternate handling and playing with them every day so hopefully I can bond more with each of them.

Going along with my 'get healthy' resolution, I really want to learn how to cook fresh meals and not eat frozen meals all the time. I love baking cakes although they're not very healthy, I got a cake pop maker for christmas and I can't wait to use that!

pass my driving test
I have been taking driving lessons since last June and I ideally wanted to be passed my test by now but I let exams and school get in the way of it, I really don't think I can multi task very well but I want to past my test with in the next few months.

draw more
I've loved art all my life and since I finished my art A level I haven't drawn or created anything in ages, and I really miss it. I'm so inspired by Rachel, all her work is just incredible it makes me just want to start drawing every time I look at it!

Sorry this post was super long and if you've got this far down the page, bravo. I just wanted to catch you all up really! I hope you are all having a great 2013 so far and I'll speak to you soon!


  1. I really like your resolutions. Rachel art is so beautiful. I also need to manage my time better. Good luck with your driving. xo

  2. I'm definitely with you on blogging more, cooking and maybe even the drawing one. Good luck!

  3. Congrats on finishing sixth form! I have just a few months left to go, I'm all done after summer exams! The 2 years has gone so fast. What are you hoping to do next? (if you don't go back next week!)

    Oh and good luck with the little resolutions, lovely, not that you'll need it! xxx



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