22 January 2013

recent beauty buys

Indeed Moisture Booster - I have been getting into skin care a lot recently and I had heard about this product on many blogs so I thought I'd give it a try. It contains hyaluronic acid which helps lock in moisture and it increases the skin hydration from below the surface. It is a serum which you put on before moisturiser and it helps the moisturiser sink in a lot more. I have defiantly noticed a difference in my skin since using this.

Origins Super Spot Remover - I think the stress of exams in the beginning of January made me brake out quite a lot and I rarely get spots, though whenever I do they stay as red marks on my face for so long, so I needed something to get rid of them asap! I heard about this 'spot remover' through Kate and gave it a try and it really helps reduce the redness and soreness of spots at the beginning and helps with the overall healing process.

Philip Kingsley Elastacizer - I am planning on dip dying the ends of my hair again soon so I know they will get really damaged when I do, and since I haven't had a hair cut for such a long time my hair is going to need all the treatment it can get. I've loved the elasticizer for so long and every time it makes my hair incredibly healthy.

Benefit Radiant Skin Care - As I have been getting into skin care a lot recently I thought I better get a whole set of products so they can all work together and make my skin look so much better. I was given a sample of the Benefit moisturiser when the range first came out and I loved it and I know I will love the rest of the range just as much

Models Own Profesional Nail Varnishes - As you know I love Models Own nail polishes but I've never tried the professional nail polishes before and as they were on sale from £8 to £3.50 in boots I thought it would be wrong not to buy them! The colours are gorgeous and very opaque just like the normal ones but I think the bottle is easier to hold and the brush is a little bit bigger.

Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth - For some reason recently I have had an obsession with trying to make my lips look bigger and what better way to do that than a lip plumper? It does tingle a lot which I suppose creates the 'bigger lips' effect but I don't really notice a huge difference when I wear it, I mainly wear it just as a normal lip balm now as its slightly tinted and very glossy compared to a lot of the lip balms I own.

L'oreal Lumi Magique - I needed a different under eye concealer as I don't have one which is light enough for under my eyes, so I bought this one as its very illuminating and it is not at all cakey which I hate in concealers, it blends really well into the rest of my make up I would defiantly recommend it!


  1. I'd love to try the Moisture Booster. Pay day feels so far away :( xxx

  2. Lovely buys! I adore the colour of the Models Own polishes, particularly the lilac. I'm yet to try the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer but it's been on my wishlist for ages!

  3. The moisture booster sounds quite like the Origins Make A Difference + Rejuvenating Treatment, which I'm a huge fan of. I really want to buy the full size of the Elastisizer, I've loved my sample :-)

  4. I've nearly finished my tube of Hydraluron and while I can't say it's made a massive difference I think I'll probably notice the difference when I stop using it. I think I'll try the L'Oreal concealer next, the Collection 2000 one is great but I think I'll try this next!

  5. The Models Own pro nail polishes you bought are so pretty for Spring, I love the lilac one! I've never heard about the Indeed skincare products, the serum sounds amazing xx

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  7. Ooh lucky thing, I love treating myself! I've really got into origins recently so that might be next on my list!

    www.irdbeauty.com xxx

  8. I've recently ordered the Origins Spot Remover - can't wait for it to arrive!

  9. I went to buy that Benefit set before Christmas but it was sold out. :(




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