13 February 2013

january favourites

mac - backtrack fluid liner, indeed - hydraluron, loreal - lumi magique, benefit - chacha tint, benefit brow zings, lush - dream cream, mac - viva glam gaga, pukka - castor oil

MAC gel eyeliner - I have loved wearing eyeliner recently, I think it really opens up my eyes and makes me look better. This MAC eyeliner is quite old and I probably should bin it, but it still has loads of product in and it has not dried up at all. I think gel eyeliner is the easiest to work with and since I have finally mastered the art of the wing its got quicker and easier to wear on an everyday basis.

Indeed moisturiser - I mentioned this in my 'recent buys' post and ever since buying it I've been putting it on my face before moisturising and my skin condition has increased dramatically! My skin has never felt so soft and looked so vibrant.

Loreal concealer - This is a simple concealer which is perfect for under eyes as its quite light and has highlights in it to really brighten up your eyes and make you look wide awake.

Benefit cha cha tint - I got a sample of cha cha tint in a magazine and its an incredible coral orange colour, I know its not really the season to be wearing coral coloured make up but it doesn't bother me. I've finally found a way of putting it on with out it being to streaky, I put some on the back of my hand then dip my brush in it, it then goes on your face evenly and you can build the colour up if you like.

Benefit browzings - Before Christmas I got my eyebrows waxed at a different place to normal as the benefit brow bar was fully booked and I wanted them done before Christmas day and the lady did them far too thin than usually I like them. So this really helped me thicken them up a long with the castor oil in between the awkward growing out phase. Its quite dark which hid any bald spots etc.

Lush dream cream - This is my new favourite hand cream, I think it is the most moisturising hand cream I have ever tried, its a yellowy cream colour and it smells of lavender which isn't my favourite scent but I can deal with it. It skinks into your skin almost immediately and leaves your hands soft for hours.

MAC viva glam gaga - This is a lipstick I've had for a while but I've just remembered I had it and I've not stopped wearing it. Its again quite an out of season colour but I use it as more of a stain and it gives a really nice light pink colour to your lips.

Castor oil - When the lady did my eyebrows too thin I googled how to get them to grow back faster and loads of sites said to put castor oil on them, so I did and oh my goodness it really worked! My eyebrows are thicker than they've ever been and the little patches which didn't have much hair have grown back.


  1. I really want to try the gel liner, not sure how I'll find it cause I'm a liquid girl x

  2. I couldn't live without blacktrack! that hand cream sounds great I need some more LUSH products! x

  3. Your new blog layout looks so good! The Mac gel eyeliner is one of my favourite eyeliners too and I find it really easy to work with aswell. I wish Mac was still cruelty free though xx



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